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I was about to fall asleep and there was no way I was getting through an hour at the gym alone, so I folded and consumed an oh-so-delicious-blue-Monster.

The flavor! Oh how I have missed you, my little lo carb friend. You always know how to make me feel better when I am down. Is there another quite like you my little blue buddy? Certainly not that disdainful thrice removed cousin of yours, water. No, dear blue nothing compares. Oh how they scoff, (what does it contain?) those health nuts snottily remark. I just smile and point to where you so proudly proclaim: 20 calories!


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Day Two

Still sticking to the diet/fitness plan!

As I sweated profusely last night through the Day One workout, I felt others staring at me. Now if I were a confident person, I’d say it was because I looked so agile and capable while performing Frog Push Ups and Burpies, but alas, I think I heard a few giggles too. I am sure it had nothing to do with my form and it was probably just some other poor soul who was being giggled at. It was not me. It was not me.

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As promised I have started the Jillian Michaels ‘Making the Cut’ today. So far it seems to be great (let’s see me in two weeks, huh?)


Kashi Go-Lean (which is my favorite cereal anyway) and two scrambled egg whites.


A Broccoli, Turkey and Cheese Lavash Wrap. It was actually really, really good, but I used a tortilla instead of lavash. I could not find lavash at Lowes Foods, apparently Lowes is not exotic enough for that.


EAS AdvantEdge CarbControl in Chocolate.

Dinner is supposed to be Moroccan Chicken with Wild Rice.

I suppose I shall hit the gym with a fervor only found in the very frail and elderly as I have not been in two weeks. I feel like a part of me is missing or else something is just badly wrong since I have not been doing my daily work outs. I think Jillian Michaels is just what I need to kick my butt back in gear!

In another Jillian note I purchased her Wii fitness game, and my legs did not work properly for two days after I tried it. Of course this also may have been due to their previous lack of work and so they were protesting loudly.

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blogger and fitness freak! ack!

I chalk this up to:

(a) the fact my laptop is in need of a visit to the laptop doctor.

(b) I started a new job (yay me! and in this economy too!)

(c) Spring + rain = allergies which = sinus infection.

(d) Last but not least… BIRTHDAY CAKE! I love birthday cake, I do, I do. I think I need to join Birthday Cake Addicts Anonymous. My sister had a birthday…enough said.

So, I have been under the weather, not had my computer to post, nor track my workouts, plus I have been slammed at my new job. I know, excuses, excuses. I resolve here and now that I will start the Jillian Michaels ‘Making the Cut’ this Monday (now that I have finished off all the birthday cake in the house) and will subsequently blog my progress. I will. Watch me.

In blogging news, I want to give a shout out to possibly the funniest blogger ever (in my eyes). Seriously, I love this girl. She is so freaking funny, every time her blog pops up on my reader I get a little thrill of excitement. Also she is currently hosting a cool contest which ends oh, tomorrow. (Get over there and enter!) So heres to Je! Your blog makes my day.

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