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get moving

Hey guys! I’m so busy lately, what with getting everything ready to move. Like Holly says, life happens! And I’ve just been letting it happen. Can’t believe I am moving in just 5 days, this Saturday, to be exact.

Hurry, hurry my life has been and it shows.



Oranges and blueberries thrown on a plate. Harried.








Also harried.



A picture is worth a thousand words, but one will do in this case.


Dinner was many things, and speedy was one of them. [due to the fact that Mama D cooked, I just partook.]


Spaghetti, sweet taters, apples and peas.

Scarfed that.

Have I mentioned I am moving in five days? Life is crazy.

[due to the aforementioned move, blogging will probably be sporadic at best this week, back soon with a full update and apartment tour! love you guys!!!]


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and then it was yesterday…

Hey loves! It’s still in the 20s here, what about you? Freezing yet?

OATMEAL will warm ya up!


[I stirred it after the picture, so it was not actually quite so runny.]

  • banana
  • pb
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 water

I’m trying to remember specifics of yesterday, but the fact that i don’t could be a good thing, as apparently nothing exceptionally bad happened.

I know that lunch happened. And it was exceptionally GOOD.



Roasted at 400* for 30 minutes = perfection. And I don’t usually like Brussels sprouts, so that is saying a lot.



Nasoya cubed extra firm, baked at 400* for 40 minutes, tossed in BBQ sauce. Tofu is tofu. Always good stuff. I love that this already cubed though, for a quick lunch.


Combined, this made quite the lunch. Crispy.

Caramel Oikos!


Perfect snack when I crumbled a little scone on the top.

TDF!!! [to die for, if you are over the age of 40…]

After work, the sisters and I hit up yet another bridal shop on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses. Don’t worry, we have to check out another at lunchtime today. Decisions, decisions!

Dinner was ready when we got home.


Roast w/ veggies [cabbage and carrots] and crackers on the side.

I ended the night on a sweet note.


Mint + Bunny Tracks. Peanut chips and mint chips? Why not?

I then proceeded to fall asleep during Private Practice, thus the reason you are being treated to this post at the hour 10:24am the next day.


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Ok, I had possibly the worst start to my day, like, EVER. But it ended up ok in the end. We will get to the end eventually though. Let’s start with the worst.

Woke up. 7:40. K, I am supposed to be, like, LEAVING for work. Nevahmind, I will hurry.

Ok, who cut off the heat? It is like minus 10 with wind chill in my bedroom. See brown sweater. Toss it on.

Run down the stairs, grabbing the PILE of stuff to take with me to work, breakfast, lunch, snack and a package I need to mail.

Run out the door, throw my stuff in the car, including breakfast, which should have been this:


banana, peanut butter and caramel Oikos.

Instead, my yogurt HITS the floor, splattering all over my car rug and up the side of my pants.

Great, I’m going to smell like yogurt all day.

Get to work, make it inside, set down my packages and run back out to get my car rug, so I can wash it before permanent damage is done. [I just realized that I left the rug at work after the washing. FAIL.] Also realize that the WARM BROWN SWEATER is also ITCHY BROWN SWEATER.

Feeling quite stressed, and with the day still new, I proceeded to set Pandora to play Lady Gaga Radio. Which is God’s gift to us on stressful days, I have decided. Seriously, it rocks.

With Gaga in the background I proceeded to calm down, with the help of a few well timed yoga breaths, and eventually get my work done.

LUNCH was worth the trouble it caused me to pack. [Ok, this was the easiest lunch to pack AND make, ever. I’m just being a drama queen.]


Half a head of boston lettuce, naturally fresh ranch, and a black bean burger. Scarfed it down. [And by scarfed, I mean that Stacy and Clinton did not even have time to show the prospective makeover candidate the visa card before I was done.]

After a quick trip to the post office, and a large dent made in my wallet, I finished my work and snacked on an apple and pb.


Still working on that container of Whole Foods pb from Nashville. That’s like a record or something.

Also a record may be the fact that I did in fact manage to get all my work done today. I was in quite a state in the beginning, so it was quite the miracle.

Home, and then dinner, in that order.


brown rice, chicken leg, broccoli + carrots.

After which I had a dessert of GRAPES





Instead of vegging out, as I was feeling should be the case, I pulled up Biggest Loser on Hulu [since my Tuesday schedule is wacked up I always miss my favorites, AI and BL. 😦 ] and proceeded to do an interval workout while being inspired by people changing their lives. LOVE MIGGY.

I worked out for an hour, doing a combination of weights, cardio and yoga. Twas lovely and I felt like a new person once done. No better way to end a stressful day than with a good workout, eh? [What do I think I am, Canadian, eh?]

What’s your favorite de-stress move?

Seriously, Lady Gaga on Pandora does it for me.

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Old Man Winter, I am so over you right now. I swear I don’t think it got above 30 today. FAH-REEZING!

Cold cereal did not help my temperature much.


But my tastebuds? They were a-singin’! All Bran + Raisins + Milk + a bowl. That’s all I need in the morning.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but all last week and yesterday we [my coworkers and I] were busy rearranging and painting my office. It’s such a sunny yellow now and I can enjoy the benefits of all three windows now! Really helps the mood, ya’ll. Now if spring will just hurry along and get here.



Pita wrapped around turkey + cheese + spinach!!!! Delicious does not get this party started. It was purely lunchalicious.

Apples, I have often mentioned do not make a full snack for me. Yet I keep bringing them. Easy, I guess.


Peanuts were had soon after.

Then, Meredith [my new gym partner and middle lady in the photo above!] and I hit the gym. She did a power class, but I am not one to follow the pack, so I did my own weight workout and 20 minutes on the bike. [My calf was catching when I tried the incline on the treadmill. What up wit dat?]

I coerced Mere into dropping me off at the grocery store, and 15 minutes later I was fully restocked. Caramel Oikos, you are mine!

The family was watching ‘American Idol’ when we got home, so as not to miss anything I heated up an Amy’s meal from my impromptu grocery trip.


Yum, yet stanky. The smell of curry permeated the air, and complaints were heard from the peanut gallery.


May not look appetizing, but my tastebuds say otherwise. I ate in front of the tv, so I did not bother to replate for beauty’s sake. Therefore your eyeballs shall be treated to the same sight as mine.

Do you eat in front of the tv or have any other ‘bad’ habits of that nature?

Normally I make a point to eat at the table, but due to CharlotteOne being on Tuesdays I often miss American Idol. I figured I could make an exception this once, especially since I was already eating a frozen meal. I mean, if you are going to be cliché why not go all the way, right?

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Going Green

Tips for going green.

Number 1:

Add spinach to your smoothie.


Number 2:

Reheat leftover pizza for lunch. Using the microwave may not be the best thing for the planet, but hey, at least you are recycling, right?


Number 3:

Instead of eating a bar that would then cause trash from a wrapper you would have to discard; eat and apple off a biodegradable paper towel.


Number 4:

Instead of eating dinner finish off a pack of crackers someone else opened, while carpooling [super green!] to a concert.


Number 5:

When leaving said concert, lose your car key, therefore causing you to panic that you might have to walk home [18 miles]. No sweat. You ran a marathon, right?

Number 6:

Fortunately for you, some good Samaritan may find your key and give it to someone to make sure it gets to it’s rightful owner. Makes you glad you were at a Christian concert, unlike the one the year before where you lost your keys and $360 getting replacements made. Nothing like saving the earth from all that plastic used to make the car keys, right? Not to mention your wallet. And lets not mention the pesky fact that car fumes are not green. You carpooled, right?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is at least how I go green.

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Snowed In Sleepover

Hey guys!

So I literally disappeared in the snowstorm that hit Friday night. 😉


We got around 3-4 inches, and it was perfect, because my cousins and I [there are 5, FIVE, 1-2-3-4-5 of us girls between 19-23] had a sleepover planned for the weekend with our SINGLE LADY! aunt. [Everyone should have a SINGLE LADY! aunt. They are mucho fun!]



It was a hair raising time.


We ordered pizza and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies.


‘Scuse the flash.

At some point after the USA trotted through, we all passed out from exhaustion and when we woke up [on the couch!] the next morning, a blanket of white greeted us!


DSC_0085 DSC_0087


It was so pretty, but gone by noon.

Not gone before we made SNOW CREAM!


Southern tradition, ya’ll.

[And I ate 47000x more food than is pictured.]

Since the snow was gone by noon, I spent the rest of the day in IKEA! and then went to CHURCH, DINNER and watched MOVIES with friends + family.

It was cozy.

Yesterday I woke up feeling not so great, so I spent 95% of the day in bed. 😦
Alls good today though! I feel like 1,000,000,000%!

I hear snow was on the ground in 49 states this weekend! Did you get some, or no bueno?

Snow makes me like a kid at Christmas, case you can’t tell. 😉

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A Situation

I did not have time for oatmeal this morning. It was quite the situation. I had to make do with a bowl of Uncle Sam whole grain cereal, raisins and rice milk.


It actually worked out quite well in the end. I have a new appreciation for waking up early enough to prepare oatmeal.

When I spied pocket less pitas in the cupboard, I thought to myself: Oh no, we got a situation in da house! Indeed we did. Personal pizzas galore!


Mine today contained spinach, mushrooms and onions. Who knows what tomorrow will hold.

It held me over well until I found myself in quite the situation around 4. I was in need of a quick fix for a snack.


Slice a naner and put pb in between? Can’t get a whole lot quicker than that!

I have to be truthful here and tell you that I did not have much of a dinner tonight. I indeed snacked on such things as chips, a few handfuls of cheerios and a diet pepsi. Oh the horror! I wonder if my kidneys will ever forgive me.

To put the situation in perspective, Meredith and I were running to a PiYo class at my gym and did not have much time for dinner. I grabbed what I could.

The PiYo class itself, was a different situation altogether. Apparently our instructor got her yoga teacher’s license on the internet. While the internet is good for many things, I think yoga teacher certification should be hands on. I swear she knew three actual yoga moves, which she repeated over. and over. and over. At least now I know not to waste another hour of my life in that class.

PS: Did I mention that Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino was in Charlotte tonight?

I do believe he is just as big a cheeseball as he comes across on ‘Jersey Shore’. And please do not ask how I came to that conclusion.

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