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bachelorette pad

Watching the Bachelor in my new pad…and I want to punch Jake. Just thought I should get that out there.

Anyway, how ARE you guys??

I feel like I’ve been away forever, but it was just what I needed. I got moved in and settled, LOVE it!! Seriously, our apartment is SO CUTE.

I’ll do a full tour later this week once everything is pulled together, but here are some shots of my room and bathroom.


Love my headboard! We made it out of an old door! [Well ok, Matt and Dad made it out of an old door. But I painted it!!!]

I’ll get some better pictures when it’s not night out…but here is one for an idea.


It overhangs a little…but it looks awesome anyway! [Come see it, friends!]

On the other wall I have my bookshelf, because well, I am a huge book nerd. I also have half a cabinet filled with my books as well as a huge trunk.


[Look mom! My closet is still organized!]

The bathroom turned out really well. I think it’s my favorite room. Is that sad?


My aunt is an interior designer and I love what she did with the vase on the counter!! It makes the whole room. [Don’t I look lovely in my gym clothes there? Thought so. Did I mention I am like two minutes from my gym now? Love.]

I also adore how this corner looks.


My TJ Maxx shower curtain and painting!!! They complement each other quite well me thinks!

And that’s pretty much it for now…


You know I packed…



Mattchew dug it out tonight and tried it for size. What they say is true. Snuggies are indeed ‘one size fits all’.

Soooooo friends!

Catch me up!

*west coast spoiler!*

A.) What do YOU think if Jake and his klass act lady he picked?

Vienna sausage, that’s all I have to say.

B.) What did YOU spend the weekend doing??

Besides running up stairs and killing my calves [seriously!], I also dined upon taco bell, wendys, pizza and a chocolate elvis smoothie from planet smoothie. fast food much?


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