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Today has been a really strange day…first, I’m not quite settled in my new living situation, so that throws me off a little, but not so much that I can’t make oatmeal!


Red bowl of oats and a mug of french press!


Those would be stovetop banana oats, by the way. Topped off with a little PB&Co White Chocolate Wonderful, because that’s the way I do it.

Anyway, that was not the weird part of my day. Later I was on my facebook, stalking, posting cynical yet witty updates [cause that’s the way I do it, uh huh] and just you know facebooking. All of a sudden I started chatting people I did not intend to! It was weird, but I closed the window and logged off chat. Thinking nothing of it I pulled out my lunch.


Which was a fantastic tofu salad, in case you wondered.


Tossed some grapes and cranberries in there for good measure!

While I was at lunch I noticed it had started SNOWING!!! In March. In Charlotte, North Carolina. That is not right folks. Not right at all.

Finished with ‘What Not to Wear’ and my salad I logged back onto facebook. It was then I was informed that my account had been ‘suspended due to violation of facebook rules’!!! Apparently my account was hacked and now I can’t get back in and all my facebook info is LOST. Not just my facebook info lost, but I felt lost without facebook all day as well. Sad, isn’t it, my dependence on technology? Please don’t judge.

But if anyone has ever had this happen and managed to recover their facebook, I’d like to know how. Because being lost is not a feeling I enjoy.

It continued to pour snow all afternoon, but it was too warm for it to stick, so it just made a melty slushy mess, but I got to go home early!

Had this lovely bar during my commute:


and got home early enough that I scooted over to the apartment gym for a quick treadmill + bike workout before going to CharlotteOne! Love it, because my Tuesdays are so slammed that it’s hard to get in a good workout.

I unfortunate did not foresee how tired and hungry I was going to be probably due to said workout tonight. I was propping my eyes open with my fingernails [how is that for a disgusting visual, huh?] and fending off hunger pangs all night.

Once I got home [after creeeeeping down the interstate because the snow is starting to stick now, and Charlotteans do not drive well in the snow] I literally ripped open this Amy’s Mattar Paneer and tossed it in the microwave with nary a thought to the stench.



The apartment may stink, but my belly is satisfied and I have some Febreze I’m planning to spray before the roomie gets home. Curry may smell, but my tastebuds do love it. 

[Speaking of which, any Charlotte readers know of a good Indian restaurant? I am craving something other than these frozen meals and the only one I know of is not in the best area, if you get my drift.]

Watching the end of Idol and then to bed I go!

Who is your favorite Idol guy?

Love Casey James, but I kind of have a thing for Lee Dewyze as well. He sings my kind of jams. Poor Tim Whatever is just pitiful. Bless him. Tonight was a bit better, but still…

Seriously, can anyone help revive my Facebook?

Help. Please.


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