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down home dinner

Ughhh. Got up this morning with a scratchy throat! Must be why I was feeling so tired last night.

I made an all hot breakfast to soothe it.


green tea, french pressed coffee and oats.


My shadow looming above nana oats.

Soothing it was.

Comfort food for lunch.


sweet potato fries + a mushroom burger on a Nature’s Own sandwich thin.

The mushroom burger was from MorningStar Farms and it was my first time having this kind. LOVE. Get it.

Not having a facebook to check kind of sucks. The day creeped, but eventually I found myself eating this:


Leftover breakfast naner and peanut butter. I won’t lie, I ate more pb with a knife from the jar like the klassy woman I am.

Mama D called and asked me to come to dinner last night, but I had plans already, so I sadly had to decline. Because she loves me, and because she is my mother she extended the invite to tonight.

Faces I love:


there were other faces around I love as well, but they did not pose for me.

Dinner I love:


Taco salad. black beans, chips, lettuce, brown rice and cheese.

After dinner Cecily coaxed me into playing a few games on the Wii with her. She beat me at both tennis and bowling, so I decided to go home.

‘Play again?’ she asked.

‘I think I’m going home, honey’.

‘Aw. I wish you didn’t have a different home.’

I melt. But I have some pride. I didn’t stick around for a five year old to beat me at virtual bowling yet again.

Watching the girls on Idol!

Love Katelyn Epperly!


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