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Masked Ball. And a Plate of Salmon.

Well ladies and gentlemen…what have ya’ll been up to?

I’ve been eating. Apparently on Friday lunch, I thought I was eating in a fine eatery, indeed.


Salmon, broccoli and brown rice. I made a fine meal for myself, I did.

I ate plenty more all weekend, no worries. I just did not photograph it, pretty it was not.

But us ladies got PRETTY!


Mind my new shirt from Marshalls, for the low price of $12.00!

Then we covered our face with MASKS, because WE ARE FABULOUS, much like LADY GAGA!



Bossy. I want to wear mine all the time. Like seriously.


Bandit. And our chauffeur. We held up a Taco Bell on the way out.

It was fabulous. And I do not love taquitos. What was I thinking? I shall never know.

What was your weekend filled with, little monsters? I know it was FABULOUS, and I want to hear. Share.

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