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holy guacamole

Hello, hello. Back and with actual pictures of food.

Like breakfast.


Kashi, blueberries and soymilk, eaten on the run. Do I never learn my lessons? Happy to report that there was no spillage today.

Did some work, listened to my morning shows…and afternoon shows. Ate lunch.


Sunny side up EGG + GUACAMOLE + HOT SAUCE = BEST SANDWICH EVER. I could have eaten ten. But I stuck to just the one.

And a snack of Mr. Z-Bar.


Are those SUNGLASSES he has on? Yes indeed. It was 72 degrees today. Wore my short sleeves.

Had some more guacamole + chips before I went to CharlotteOne.

The topic tonight was Legalism vs. License and it basically broke down everything that is wrong with religion and right with a relationship with Christ. It was so good for me to hear. I will post a link when the sermon is up on the website, because even if you are not a Christian, you might like to hear it. It goes THERE, where many religions and sermons are afraid to. Very moving.

I came home and made a quick dinner:


Grapefruit, grapes and a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH [sort of wish it was egg + guacamole, not gonna lie.]

Flipped on the TV to accompany my dinner and was more than PLEASED to see that a GLEE RERUN was on tonight!!! Who else cannot wait for that show and all its fabulosity to return?

Cory Monteith, I love thee. And let’s not forget SUE.


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