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DST + Link Love

Hello loves, how was your weekend? Mine was lazy + fabulous. Except for that stinky time change of course. Meh, don’t like that. I did finally get my curtains hung in my new room so that I can sleep all night though. That was especially nice.

I made it easy on myself this morning and used up the last of my wilted blueberries in a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls with almond milk.


I was using soy milk of late because it was on sale, but I picked up almond milk this week. I swear I have used almond milk in my cereal before, but this was disgustingly thick. Has anyone else ever noticed this or did I perhaps get a bad box of almond milk?

Oh well, I ate it anyway.

And two cups of coffee. The large ones. It is now Daylight Savings Time after all and it takes me a week to adjust. Laugh if you want to.

Lunch was so fantastic.


Sweet potato fries are always fantastic of course.


But the kicker was this pita sandwich I made.


A Morningstar Farms burger with spinach and TJ’s triple layer hummus. Don’t judge if I eat this again tomorrow.

I was SO BUSY this afternoon, I barely got a chance to eat this Z-bar on the fly.


Obviously. I didn’t even move my pen. I love those pens, btw. They always disappear on me too. 😦 The good ones always do.

After work I hurried home because the ONE good thing about DST [Daylight Savings Time] is that it is light outside until 7:30, so I got in a good run plus a gym session, by RUNNING to my gym, working out and RUNNING back. It felt SO GOOD to run outside again. It was like 64 degrees. PERFECT, PERFECT running weather. I have to be honest, between the HORRID burnout I suffered + my post marathon injury I had let my running slide. A lot. Today was good, because it reminded me why I love to run and why I signed up and ran that marathon. When it’s right, it’s just RIGHT.

Unfortunately, my lack of training means that I probably will not be doing the Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon. I just don’t see myself being ready for it. I am though, going to go for the 10k. I haven’t done that distance before and I think it will be a good race to get me ready for some late spring/summer half marathons.

I was in the mood for PROTEIN for dinner, so I fished [oh this is good…] some tilapia out of the freezer that I bought on sale the other week and pan fried it in some olive oil.


I paired it with broccoli


and some grapes that were on their last leg along with some pineapple that I picked up at TJ’s this weekend.


Looking pretty at the table.


But in fact eaten whilst watching old Grey’s reruns on Lifetime. I do think that eating in front of the tv is not optimal, but these days I eat by myself 95% of the time and it’s lonely to eat at an empty table. Much more exciting to dine with Dr. Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey.

Some links I’ve been meaning to share:

CharlotteOne from last week, Legalism vs License.

My new favorite jam from John Mark McMillian. [I have his EP and adore it. It’s on repeat in my car ALL THE TIME.]



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