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with a capital B


That describes my food today and every Tuesday.


Greek yogurt, shredded spoonfuls and pb next to tha sink that threw up during the night. Must’ve caught something from Kasey. 😉

Seriously though, the sink did vomit broccoli from the disposall this morning. Disgusting.


Leftover channa masala from FRIDAY [Kasey did not eat it all, so I decided to finish it off,and yes I realize that was an excessively long time ago] and wilty grapes.

Can you tell I am trying to eat everything before going to Fitbloggin this weekend? Well I am.


Oh look. A bar for a snack. So original.

When I got home, betwixt restyling my hair and changing my clothes, I ate this:


PB and J pita; and left for CharlotteOne. All within fifteen minutes. I am a speedy one, that I am. [Unless I am running a race. Then I am not very speedy at all.]

I know you see no veggies there, and I have no excuse. Except that after CharlotteOne I ate some spinach dip with my friends and loved ones. And that shall have to suffice for vegetables today. It was just one of those crazy ones.

Need. Sleep.

I’m out.


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