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Why hello…

Baltimore! I’m here!


I love cities. Like LOVE. I think I am city girl at heart. But then you take me away from my family and horses and I get a bit sad. So conflicting.

I actually made use of our blender yesterday [I know, crazy!] and had a green brown smoothie.


Chocolate goodness.

  • banana
  • strawberries
  • spinach
  • chocolate protein powder
  • chocolate pb

It was a double shot.

After I slammed that, I headed to Mama D’s so she could take me to the airport. I went ahead and checked in my flight and baggage while I was waiting for the kids to get ready [Cecily, what?]. Thank God, because I had like –5 minutes to catch my flight when I got to the airport. Ran to my flight I did.

The best part of that whole scenario? The kindly old man at the baggage check informed me that my clothes ‘might not make it’. Frick.

Our flight was only an hour and fifteen minutes, but I spent it praying that my bag had made its way onto the plane with me.

After landing, Stacey and I made a beeline to baggage claim, to see if my worst fears had been recognized. NOPE. My red suitcase was sitting on the conveyor belt. I’ve never been so happy to see that nasty thing in my life.

We grabbed the next shuttle going to our hotel and who was on it? ALI from Food, Fitness, Fashion! We screamed so loud that Stacey assumed there was a spider or something in the van. Nope. Just crazy bloggers.

Good thing we met up with Ali, because she was rooming with Caitlin and Anne P. who were on their way from DC with our other roomie Katy. So we had a tapas party/happy hour.


$5 tapas?!?! Why, I don’t mind if I do.

Ali and I shared the first three tapas which were DIVINE. I want foodie places like this in Charlotte. That’s what is so freaking awesome about big cities.

We started with the Salmon Asian Tartare on Sushi Rice.


Party in your mouth. There were so many flavors invited to this party, too.

Stacey + Ali got beers, but I’m not a beer girl.


Give me a pretty drank though, and I love it.


obvs, since that is nearly gone.

Next up on the tapas menu was the Scallop on Corn and Goat Cheese Polenta.


Heaven. Cheese anything is heaven though. I think heaven is going to be paved with cheese. Cheese is golden, right?

We weren’t done yet, so we ordered up the Shrimp and Tropical Fruit Seviche.


More flavor party going on! SO GOOD.

We headed back for registration, which included FREE SHOES [more on that in my next post], free shorts and a mini oatmeal bowl. I love.

Prettied up.


LOVE my shoes. From Marshalls, of course. Any excuse to wear hot shoes and a dress, I jump on.

We went up to the POM cocktail party for some socializing and fun.


Love these girls! Katie, Cara, Kacy and Stacey. Sweethearts. I was so excited to meet Katie, Cara and Kacy. Stacey, of course is my roomie and travel buddy, so we’ve already met. 😉

Hideous picture of myself and Anne P.


But I adore her, so I had to post. For a much lovelier photo, you can go to her blog.

Dinner was had later, and it involved homemade chips. I cleaned my plate and went to bed.

The end.

[with more to come, of course.]


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