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Fitbloggin: The Aftermath

Well, Fitbloggin is over, and it’s back to real life. Like any good time, the weekend ended with a bang.

After the closing reception Saturday, I headed back to my room for a little rest and relaxation. I was completely worn out from sitting all day.

Stacey and I hung out and had some downtime, checking out the views and whatnot.

I had plans for dinner with Maya from American Gourmande and Anna of Blue Plate Special, but unfortunately at the last minute Anna had to cancel because she needed to get back to DC. Maya brought her friend that was in town though, so we had a party of three for dinner anyway!

Unfortunately I was getting rather sick of lugging my SLR around town, so I have no pictures of this event. Just know that we ate Lebanese food and it was awesome.

After dinner I met some of the other girls out and we, as Caitlin put it, ‘tore up the Inner Harbor’.


Sunday morning, Stacey got up for yoga, but I was feeling lazy from my early wake up the day before, so Katy and I hung out until around 8, and got ready for breakfast.

Starbucks was just a quick walk around the corner, so I had a breakfast of coffee:


+ coffee cake




The perfect equation, in my mind.

We headed back to the hotel to pack up so that we could have a few hours to explore and play, because the day was FABULOUS.

By the time we were packed + checked out, it was nearly lunch time, so Savvy Julie, Kacy, Stacey and I headed to Pizzazz, a little tuscan grille that we saw on the harbor.



We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had a vegan menu alongside their regular menu!


We quickly made up our minds on the hummus appetizer for a starter.


One can never have too much hummus, I believe is the saying. [Or did I just make that up? One can never tell.]

I, along with Kacy and Julie, thought that the black bean burger sounded stupendous, and it did not disappoint.


And it had MORE hummus. The hummus at this place was nearly unbeatable.

We were offered vegan desserts, which we jumped upon. I mean, who does not jump upon the offer of vegan chocolate cakes?



Peanut butter + mint chocolate, respectively.


As was the view.


Okay, a large yacht was blocking our view, but just being on the water was fantastic.

After lunch we did some exploring for a few hours, just drinking in the gorgeous weather.



Interestingly enough, this ship is the last surviving vessel from Pearl Harbor.


Stacey spotted a HUGE Barnes and Noble, so we could not resist.



After leaving the bookstore, we walked along the harbor the the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, which was moved to solid ground and is now a historic landmark.




It was really cute inside and filled with lots of cool things.



We discovered that the first woman lighthouse keeper actually worked in this lighthouse, as well as pictures of the original location and the moving process.



I found this hugely fascinating, nerd that I am.

The view from the windows and deck was so awesome, because you could see all around the harbor and surrounding city.





Unfortunately, after our exploration of the lighthouse, it was time to head back to the hotel and gather our bags to catch the next cab heading to BWI airport.


Goodbye, lovely amphitheater that I want to attend a concert at one day!

Our flight was thankfully on time, but the lines at BWI were cuh-rahzy, so we did not have a lot of downtime, even though we got to the airport like an hour and a half before our flight.

Despite a little turbulence, a plane packed to THE GILLS, and sitting on the tarmac for half an hour, we made it back to Charlotte safe and sound, where I said my goodbyes to Stacey and my hellos to my dear fam.

Meredith + Linden picked me up and took me back to Mama D and Pops, where we had a bit belated birthday celebration for Meredith’s 22nd birthday.


Cake on fiyah!!!


Cake on a plate!


Chips on a plate!

I was STARVED, because I suddenly realized that I had not eaten since my lunch in Baltimore, so I piled my plate high. I was also TIRED, so after an hour or so of family time, I headed back home to where I belong, unpacked, showered off the travel dust, and hit the sack before I could blog.

And it’s Monday all over again.


Edited to add: I still have people wanting my notes from the conference [and I took a lot] so I have consolidated them to one Google Doc folder, which can be found here.


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