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Betcha can’t guess what I had for breakfast this morning.


Green Monster and some PB Puffins in the ORANGE BOWL!

I had to have a hit of PB because I bought almond butter last grocery trip, so my GM’s have not been nearly as nutty. I like almond butter, but I miss the PB. I am just a PB girl, I’m thinkin’.

Lunch was a stroke of genius.


A wrap containing:

  • leftover salmon
  • spinach
  • hummus

I wrapped it all up in a FlatOut and cooked it in a pan until it was slightly brown. Come to Mama, you little slice of heaven.

I had some chips and famous guac on the side:


my avocado was not the freshest, therefore accounting for the slight brown tint. I still ate it. And LOVED it.

Our Mr. Z-bar got a little sizzly t’day mates.


15 seconds in the microwave will do that to ya. (Thanks for the suggestion, Jenny. A little warming was just what he needed.)

I had just what I wanted for dinner:


ORANGE BOWL full of ww penne, LC cheese and spinach. ORANGE BOWL was quite popular today.

Fruit on da side:


and a bite of mint:


TJ’s Ice Cream Sandwich. I may or may not make that a x2 before the end of the night.

That was the most satisfying carb-a-licious dinner ever. I love that I had spinach at three meals again. I should really branch out to something other than spinach or I might end up like Julie; afraid of turning into this little guy:


I am more likely to be this little guy:


Lord help us if that’s the case.


I met with a trainer at the gym tonight and questioned him about my crampy calves. I’ve still been having problems with those suckers! He had no suggestions, other than to keep stretching and doing yoga. He did show me some awesome moves for my chest and shoulders. I am super excited to see how they pan out. I feel I will be achy tomorrow. That’s always a good sign, huh?

Psalm 21:13 (The Message)

Show your strength, God, so no one can miss it. We are out singing the good news!

Sometimes I just want to sing out the good news of the Lord. Of course then everyone asks me to please stop. What can I say? My voice is definitely not a cross of Fergie and Jesus.

See ya healthier!

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I was about to fall asleep and there was no way I was getting through an hour at the gym alone, so I folded and consumed an oh-so-delicious-blue-Monster.

The flavor! Oh how I have missed you, my little lo carb friend. You always know how to make me feel better when I am down. Is there another quite like you my little blue buddy? Certainly not that disdainful thrice removed cousin of yours, water. No, dear blue nothing compares. Oh how they scoff, (what does it contain?) those health nuts snottily remark. I just smile and point to where you so proudly proclaim: 20 calories!

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It was raining this morning when I got up, so that shot my running plans all to that big firepit below. After much agonizing I did decide to go to the gym and at least get my required 20 minutes of cardio in. I actually ended up doing 45 minutes (25 minutes on the bike and 20 on the treadmill) and feeling much better about myself for doing something on this dreary, dreadful grey day.

So, what’s your rainy day go to work out plan?

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