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I just love gallery crawls.

Julie and I hit up a few stores first and then the rest of the group caught up with us.


Minus yours truly who was manning the camera, and the men.

We back tracked through the stores again and then proceeded to hit up some galleries.

First up:


Definitely the best. Lots of cool modern stuff + snacks.



I just love their sign. They have lots of cool jewelry too.

I purchased this bowl en route to our next stop.


I love buying things from street vendors! Muddy Muse is the maker of this bowl.

Next stop?


Can you say grand opening?


Small tart yogurt with strawberries, chocolate chips and marshmallows. I kind of want to go back right now, seeing as Julie and I shared that, so I don’t feel I got my sufficient yogurt fix.

Last stop.


Another grand opening! The artist here was so funny. I loved him. He had a story for each of his pieces. He was really a piece of artwork. (Oh, I just crack myself up.)

By this time we had some impatient men with us, so we went to feed them.


Men love pizza.

What to order?


As Jules and I had just indulged in the aforementioned shared fro-yo we decided on bruschetta.



I was glad we split it.

That allowed for me to eat someone else’s pizza too.


Matt #2 so kindly reminded me to blot it.


What would I do with out such serious friends?


I don’t know.


Klassy, per usual.


Hey Matt #1, isn’t that the wrong sister?


So I thought.

Did I mention the pizza had jalapenos?


Yes it did.

Meredith and I took everyone’s mind off their burning mouth with our impromptu jewelry show.



Newly purchased at The Boulevard.


born models.

Well that’s pretty much it for the gallery crawling. We did listen to some jazz, but that’s not really our thing, so we went on to the casa.

Ta ta for now!


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teeny tiny lady bugs

I interrupt my regular blog schedule to bring you this:


The prettiest birthday cake EVER.

Seriously, check out the details:




Icing flowers and teeny tiny icing lady bugs!

This cake was not made by anyone I actually know personally, but still. Whoever decorated this baby has mad skillz!

These cookies, on the other hand were made by people I know personally.


Grandma cookies.


Aunt cookies.

As was this ice cream:


Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip!

All celebration of this lady:


Smile! It’s ya birthday!

Of course you know I couldn’t say no to chocolate cake + mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Lap shot.


What’s your favorite cake + ice cream combo?

Mine is most definitely chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

To die for.

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Happy Hump Day everyone!

See my cute calendar pic of the day? My mom bless her, knowing my love of bags, got me one of those picture of the day type desk calendars featuring purses. All kinds of purses! Fat ones, skinny ones, short ones, tall ones, old ones, new ones… you get the picture (heh heh)! Anyway, I am kind of in love with this one, which according to the picture is an alligator pocketbook with a brass frame from England circa 1940. I’m a few years too late it seems. It was so cheery and put me in such a good mood I thought I’d share it with you all as well. So be cheery (how can you not with a big red purse staring you in the face?!?!)


A big bowl of oats:



1/2 cup of oats in 1 cup of water with a spoonful of natural PB and a sliced banana. After the Green Monsters, this was just meh. I think my next bowl of oats I will add a little natural sugar to the water while they cook. It was a little bland.


A yummy tuna wrap!

A bowl of my No Mayo Tuna Salad:


Add a little lettuce and a whole wheat wrap to the mix:



Almost looks to good to eat!



Don’t worry I devoured that little booger, along with a side of this:



Steamed broccoli! Perhaps my all time favorite veggie ever!


On a paper plate, because I’m klassy like that.


Since I was fresh out of my Chocolate Banana Bread Bars, I grabbed one of the plain Banana Bread ones on the way out the door:



So good! I did miss the chocolate, but as you can see:



that really didn’t stop me. I do think I will make them with chocolate chips from now on though. I love me some chocolate!


I got a little creative while digging around in the freezer and unearthed some salmon burgers.

I made this sandwich:



I mixed an avocado with a little organic cream cheese and spread that on two pieces of Ezekiel bread. I topped it with the salmon burger, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce. The verdict? Awesome! I will definitely be making this again! So good!

On the side I had my fruits and veggies:


Zucchini, carrots and half an apple.



Altogether this was one of the best dinners I’ve had in a while! It beat the mini meatloaf by a mile and that was delish!



Yum! This picture makes me hungry just looking at it!


As promised I drug my sorry tail out of bed at 6 am to squeeze in 2.5 miles before work (it is National Running Day after all!) I almost didn’t get up, and then I was all: but you posted on your blog that you would. Stupid blog, holding me accountable for my actions.

After work it was my usual gym sweat fest with an hour of strength training and 30 minutes on the bike. I am not kidding when I say it was a sweat fest. I am to sweat what Adonis is to looks. It’s that bad.


I am going to hop on the Psalms bandwagon with Polly over at Yoga is Yummy and read one chapter of Psalms daily through June. I am looking forward to it! Psalms is so inspiring!

Hmmm, I feel a baking mood coming on. I’m off to see what I can do about that. I’m thinking muffins.

See ya healthier!

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So, the one thing I love about the Body for Life program is that there is an entire day built in where you can eat whatever you want. I usually do this in moderation, but yesterday…well yesterday I did not.

Upon waking up around eight I consumed a cupcake and a brownie for breakfast, can you say carb overload? After church I added another cupcake to that count as well as a large lunch. Dinner consisted of bagels, nachos, pita chips and a soda. Now I did add some vegetables at lunch. My question is, am I the only one that pigs out on a so-called ‘free day’ or am do I have an abnormally small amount of self control? Perhaps it was all the weeks of good behavior leading up to this day. Whatever it was, I can say I hope to do better next Sunday!

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