indian food dreams

I got my hairs cut and colored yesterday!


Not an excuse for not posting yesterday. I don’t have one of those. But I do have this fresh new haircut!

I also visited the parents yesterday after Mama D sent me an e-mail. ‘Aw, my mama loves me,’ I thought. And she does. She fed me chicken soup.

So much boring stuff was eaten today…like cereal and z-bars. Mere and I went to lunch together and I ate a ‘mini’ burrito the size of my arm from the mexican restaurant.


Thankfully, Haleigh is just as much an Indian food lover as yours truly, so we had a date with Situl Indian Restaurant that was OMG freaking delicious.

I started with this Nan that was so soft + chewy and perfect.


Did I mention it was the size of my head? YUM.

We split the veggie samosa appetizer, because I am obsessed with those things.



I ordered channa masala for an entree and Haleigh had the baigan bartha so we could share.


Haleigh doesn’t eat rice so I got that whole huge plate of white to myself. Luckily I practiced restraint and did not clean the thing out.

Seriously, if you are looking for a good, reasonably priced Indian restaurant in the Charlotte area, I totally recommend Situl. Great service, great food and a great price! Including the appetizer and nan I spent $15 on my meal, which I thought was totally reasonable. And I had leftovers to bring to Kasey! The apartment reeks of delicious…and we are having a little viewing party.

Kasey’s friend Cubby, of Youtube fame:

is on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno tonight! Crazy!


hideous, yet delicious

Soooo, I basically ran around all day and my food looks kind of disgusting. Yet it was delicious.


Like my Oikos with granola and blueberries mixed in. How disgusting does that look? Yet it was delicious.

The big news of the day was that a virus has been attacking our computers at work, and today was my turn! VIRUS!! VIRUS!!! And my computer went kind of crazy.

So I ate lunch.


Oh, how pretty. A salad and salmon.

Since my computer was NOT AVAILABLE, I used the time to clean the office and make it shiny. In my heels. Klassy.

And I ate this bar.


Upside down and sideways.

Hit up the gym later, [like I really needed to after mopping in heels, but I did it anyway.] Weights + treadmill = sweaty and I soon found myself hungry and in need of a shower.

I took care of both.


Runny eggs, guacamole, broccoli and carrots.


Gotta go, American Idol is next!

holy guacamole

Hello, hello. Back and with actual pictures of food.

Like breakfast.


Kashi, blueberries and soymilk, eaten on the run. Do I never learn my lessons? Happy to report that there was no spillage today.

Did some work, listened to my morning shows…and afternoon shows. Ate lunch.


Sunny side up EGG + GUACAMOLE + HOT SAUCE = BEST SANDWICH EVER. I could have eaten ten. But I stuck to just the one.

And a snack of Mr. Z-Bar.


Are those SUNGLASSES he has on? Yes indeed. It was 72 degrees today. Wore my short sleeves.

Had some more guacamole + chips before I went to CharlotteOne.

The topic tonight was Legalism vs. License and it basically broke down everything that is wrong with religion and right with a relationship with Christ. It was so good for me to hear. I will post a link when the sermon is up on the website, because even if you are not a Christian, you might like to hear it. It goes THERE, where many religions and sermons are afraid to. Very moving.

I came home and made a quick dinner:


Grapefruit, grapes and a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH [sort of wish it was egg + guacamole, not gonna lie.]

Flipped on the TV to accompany my dinner and was more than PLEASED to see that a GLEE RERUN was on tonight!!! Who else cannot wait for that show and all its fabulosity to return?

Cory Monteith, I love thee. And let’s not forget SUE.

Well ladies and gentlemen…what have ya’ll been up to?

I’ve been eating. Apparently on Friday lunch, I thought I was eating in a fine eatery, indeed.


Salmon, broccoli and brown rice. I made a fine meal for myself, I did.

I ate plenty more all weekend, no worries. I just did not photograph it, pretty it was not.

But us ladies got PRETTY!


Mind my new shirt from Marshalls, for the low price of $12.00!

Then we covered our face with MASKS, because WE ARE FABULOUS, much like LADY GAGA!



Bossy. I want to wear mine all the time. Like seriously.


Bandit. And our chauffeur. We held up a Taco Bell on the way out.

It was fabulous. And I do not love taquitos. What was I thinking? I shall never know.

What was your weekend filled with, little monsters? I know it was FABULOUS, and I want to hear. Share.

An Open Plea To Facebook

I sent the following in an e-mail to Facebook, but I have high hopes that posting it here shall help as well.

Dear Facebook,

This is the third time I have written to you about my account being disabled. I think my account was hacked, because it started doing funky stuff, and then it was suddenly disabled. I do love facebook, and am deeply saddened to not have access to my account this week. I feel partially cut off from the world, a fact that you, as the administrators or at least an employee of this beloved company can appreciate, I do think. In fact, dear facebook I am taking this break up quite personally. What did I do to offend you? Will you give me a second chance?

Please, please help me restore my account to its former glory with all my pictures…and friends…and loveliness. Please. I beg of you. As you can see, this plea comes from the heart. I will change my password and never log on from an unsecure network connection. I will treat you with the greatest respect, if only we can once again have the relationship we have had in the past.

My account was in the e-mail address of w********@hotmail.com and my alternate e-mail addresses were *******.*.*******@gmail.com and ***************@gmail.com. I can give you my password as well if you would like that as proof, but you should know that I am legit. Dearest facebook, have we not had a relationship for nigh on four years now? How could this have happened with nary a sign that something was TRULY awry? How can you just dump me so unceremoniously?

My full name is Whitney A***** H******. I know this because my own dear mother gave it to me on the day of my birth, July 11th, 1986. If there is any other information you would like to have to further prove that this is me, and not a robot, hacker or other false source, PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! Because as close as we have been dear facebook, it seems SOMETHING has triggered you to believe the worst of me and therefore end this lovely thing we had going.

I would greatly, greatly appreciate your help in this matter. GREATLY. LIKE 1 KABILLIONx GREAT.

I hope that you, since I would like to believe that a real person reads the e-mail that comes to this address [disabled@facebook.com] which you have to admit, does not sound very friendly or personable, find my plea touching and find a way to help me. If you do not find this touching or do not care to help me please just let me know that as well so I can get on with my now facebook-less life.

Please, just give me another chance.


Whitney A***** H*******, a person who’s friends greatly miss her witty status updates and corny jokes upon their walls. She knows this due to the fact that her text messages and e-mails have quadrupled, the bulk  of them saying: WHERE DID YOUR FACEBOOK GO??? OMG!! or OMG WHY ARE YOU NOT ON FACEBOOK!!! I DIE!!! or I WENT TO SEE YOU ON FACEBOOK AND YOU WERE NOT THERE!!! HOPE YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

As you can see this is a matter of the utmost importance. Thank you kindly for what [I am sure will be] your speedy response and unparalleled attention to repairing my broken account.

Update: It worked! Sean with Facebook was kind enough to respond to my request and repaired my Facebook page!

spilled milk

I think all my green tea drankin’ helped my throat some. It was much better this morning, so here’s hoping it does not come back to throw a wrench in my weekend plans!

Breakfast on the fly:


[and up high, on the counter.]

Funny story, I was eating my breakfast driving down the road [like I do most days] and when I finished the cereal I set the bowl in the floor [passenger side!] I got like ten feet down the road and went to stop at the light and my entire bowl flipped forward and spilt all over the floor. My breakfast is wreaking havoc on my floor mats! Perhaps I should start getting up earlier so I can eat breakfast at a table like normal people.

Lunch was a salad [loving those lately!]


with a fake ‘chikin’ patty.


Funky, yet edible.

Not many hours later I dined upon my favorite Larabar [because they do not carry the PB&J ‘round these parts. Curses!]


Like a pie, it is. Yum.

After work I proceeded to go to the gym and sweat. Cause I hear that’s what you do there. I did.

Starving for dinner, I cooked up this lovely:


Fooling you into thinking I eat at that table, when in fact I have not eaten there since I moved in.



  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • brown rice
  • tofu
  • peas

‘Twas delicious. I am quite the culinary genius, even if that was not actually very genius, but quite simple.

Fruit salad for dessert:


  • pineapple
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • blueberries

Watching my nightly dose of Idol. LOVED Danny Gokey’s performance!!! You guys know I love my country.

down home dinner

Ughhh. Got up this morning with a scratchy throat! Must be why I was feeling so tired last night.

I made an all hot breakfast to soothe it.


green tea, french pressed coffee and oats.


My shadow looming above nana oats.

Soothing it was.

Comfort food for lunch.


sweet potato fries + a mushroom burger on a Nature’s Own sandwich thin.

The mushroom burger was from MorningStar Farms and it was my first time having this kind. LOVE. Get it.

Not having a facebook to check kind of sucks. The day creeped, but eventually I found myself eating this:


Leftover breakfast naner and peanut butter. I won’t lie, I ate more pb with a knife from the jar like the klassy woman I am.

Mama D called and asked me to come to dinner last night, but I had plans already, so I sadly had to decline. Because she loves me, and because she is my mother she extended the invite to tonight.

Faces I love:


there were other faces around I love as well, but they did not pose for me.

Dinner I love:


Taco salad. black beans, chips, lettuce, brown rice and cheese.

After dinner Cecily coaxed me into playing a few games on the Wii with her. She beat me at both tennis and bowling, so I decided to go home.

‘Play again?’ she asked.

‘I think I’m going home, honey’.

‘Aw. I wish you didn’t have a different home.’

I melt. But I have some pride. I didn’t stick around for a five year old to beat me at virtual bowling yet again.

Watching the girls on Idol!

Love Katelyn Epperly!