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5 years ago…

Today started out almost exactly like it did 5 years ago.

Except instead of Dad yelling ‘The baby’s coming!’…

Cecily 012

He said ‘Wake the baby up!’

Happy Birthday Cecily!


I’m glad you came into our lives 5 years ago.


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Hey there, chickens! [new term of endearment for me. I call Cecily a chicken.]


In return she calls me Chicken Leg and Chicken Poo. Feel welcome to do the same. Chicken was learning how to draw with depth today. She did a pretty bangin’ job on a barn. I love that kid.

Also love green monsters.


Had one of those on the way out the door this morning. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even notice some had dripped down the side there + I left my camera cord at home.

In the pink bottle:

  • spinach
  • almond milk
  • pb
  • vanilla whey protein powder
  • ice
  • frozen naner

That’s a winner every time! LOVE IT.

At lunch time I was going to post about that green monster, but I realized I left my camera cord at home, so I ate some steamed veggies instead.



Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli.

I think I died and went to veggie heaven. This was SO GOOD. No kidding.

Later a snack was had. [At like 2 pm. Those veggies did not hold me over very well. But the green monster did. What what, smoothie power!]


STRAWB. adore.

But peach still holds first place in my heart.

Once all my work was done [on food and otherwise] I went home. When I got there I was not feeling very motivated. I was in fact feeling very SAD. Sunny summer days, come back to me! You motivate me so.

I think I am part bear. I just want to hibernate in the winter.

Ate some pizza.


+ salad. I had two slices of the pizza though. I wouldn’t want to deceive anyone. 😉



It was ERIKA’S! birthday, so I went over to help with the celebrations.


Such a gorgey cousin I have there. Her + Scott = cutest couple ever.

She is 19! [tomorrow] *


I loved this cake. In more ways than one.

And this whole table?


Well I was like a horse and it was my pasture. Grazed all night.

FUN was had!


PS: I suck at Rock Band + I am getting my hair done Saturday. No more roots! That stuff is looking wack!

PPS: Have you heard this song yet? SO GOOD. I am obsessed.

G’night chickens!

*ETA: This posted at 12 AM so it was officially Erika’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you, girlie.

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Mama D’s birthday cake baking was a success!


She blew out her candles under the watchful eye of Cecily. Doesn’t Cecily have such a well kept look about her? She is such a clean and neat child. Forever begging to have a bath or her hair brushed. Why am I telling you this though? It’s completely obvious just by looking at her. 😉

But Mama D isn’t the only one who had cake.


I had some too. These were little chocolate marshmallow cakes that were positively scrumptious. Meredith found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen, which, if you haven’t been there, well you should.

Before I had my cake, I had dinner.


This folks, we shall call a Whit Special.


In this bowl we have:

  • tempeh
  • spinach
  • 1/2 an apple
  • soy sauce
  • BBQ sauce

Don’t ask what was going on in my head as I was adding ingredients. I just dumped stuff in the pan and stirfried it. Wasn’t half bad.


Quit looking at me that way.

It really wasn’t bad.

Ok, I’m just going to ignore you and continue on.

Since I’m already going backwards, I shall keep that up, I think.

Before I ate dinner I ran 3 miles. Woot woot! The leg barely bothered me, and the foam roller I purchased at Target today is taking care of the bit of botheration I did have.

I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. It was just a perfect day for a run. 😀 😀 😀 😀

In the span of the afternoon, I also ran approximately 47 reports for work, got my car inspected and my tag renewed. I will mention that if your tag is expired and you live in North Carolina, they do not allow you to renew it online. Also you have to have your inspection up to date before you renew your tag. Found all that out today.

At some point I ate this:


And now all my apples are gone. 😦

Alright, I am off to spend some quality time with that foam roller, and also my bathtub. See ya on the flip side!

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Chocolate apple pie.


‘Twas fuel for my 30 day shred + 2 mile run.

Then it was Happy Birthday Grandma!


She thanks everyone for her birthday wishes.

The dinner was fruit and taco salad.



I received many strange looks and comments regarding the size of my salad.


Of course I ate it all, and proved everyone wrong.

It was ahmazing, there was no way I was not cleaning my plate.


  • Brown rice
  • Black beans
  • Blue Chips
  • Soy Cheese

Then the cake was brought out, much to my full stomach’s dismay.


Meredith and I split a piece, just because it was so gorgeous, and also it was STRAWBERRY!


We dined with gangstas.


They are adopted. By that I mean, they are boyfriends of various family members.

The fam is large, but here are some photos (in sections, so as not to throw it all at you at once).


Grandma + her kids. That’s mi padre (the only male), Aunt Mendy, Aunt Marcia, Grandma, and Aunt Melanie. Yes, my grandma is one of those people that named her kids with the same initial. My dad is MONTY. She wanted to have another son named MARTY, so she could have MONTY + MARTY, but God did not bless her with such.



Oldest girls first. We have Erika, Whit, Laura, Linden, Meredith and Grandma in the middle!

Aren’t my cousins+sisters so pretty!?!?! Aw, I’m so proud.


Youngest cousins. There is an assortment of genders here. Or rather 3 girls, 1 boy. Nathan, Chloe, Grandma, Cecily and Sabrina.

They’re getting so BIG! 😦

Finally, the oldest BOYS.

DSCN1309 DSCN1311


I’m not even going to pretend like the are well-behaved or anything but teenage boys. Lance, Grandma, Jake and Blair (licking someone’s hand.)

Fun times, fun times.

Well, I am off to bed with a full stomach and a smile on my face. I love my huge crazy family! 😀

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So, my camera went M.I.A. after the concert Friday. Let’s just pretend that little night did not happen. Because if it happened it might mean I ate french fries. Or it might have rained on us. And if I did have my camera it might show evidence of matted hair and such. So, moving right along.

So perky and freshy-fresh was I upon arising Saturday morn. So perky and freshy-fresh that I decided to run 8 miles. So cool and crisp was I after finishing that run.

Not at all sweaty nor in need of a shower.

But I took one anyway.

And then made an unpictured, yet delicious green monster, before heading to the mall for a little unpictured shopping action. Plus a little unpictured smoothie consumption.

Yes, until the hour of 4 pm all food was consumed in the form of puree. Including some hummus I sampled. It passed the taste test, btw. Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper, in case you wondered. 

Back to 4 pm. I discovered a kiwi in the fridge and ate it. Also discovered Mama D’s camera.

Mama D does not often use her camera, judging by the pictures on it:


Yes that is from Christmas. No idea if it was this Christmas or the one before.

So having discovered and confiscated this jewel, I began recording festivities. As you recall I partied an entire weekend for my birthday, and of course Linden did the same.

I couldn’t help but ask myself:


Why didn’t I have pin the tail at my birthday?


Why don’t I have a fiance to sit in a swing with?


Why do Meredith and I cheese so much?


Why do I pose so much?


Why did Mama D make devil cake again?


Why is this picture so unappetizing, yet making me drool?


Good thing I had such a balanced dinner before. Speaking of, I would like some more of that pasta salad ASAP. Where is that pasta salad?


Where did these two escape from?


And where did this cutie come from?

IMG_0676 IMG_0682


Why did I not inherit Mama D’s green thumb?


Where did this picture come from? I don’t know, but I like. I believe it was taken by Tom Thumb. Or someone equally as short.

07 26 09_0179

Like a Disney princess.

Speaking of princesses.


This breakfast was worthy of a princess. The peanut butter princess. If such a lady exists.

  • PB Puffins
  • TJ’s honey greek yogurt
  • DCD


So that is how I started today. Cause everyone needs a little peanut butter in their morning.

And that folks, has been my weekend so far.


The Peanut Butter Princess

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Ok, so my list grew.

And frankly I am done with numbering and checking it off. I would rather skip right to the eating.



TJ’s edamame crackers and 1/2 nectarine.

Which were had about 3:30.

Home around 6, and I snacked on a few apricots and more edamame.

I kind of like edamame products.

I also slam forgot about Linden’s b-day dinner. Birthdays call for lots of pictures around our household.


Meredith, Linden, Whit.


Whit, Meredith, Linden, Sabrina and Cecily. How did I end up the (potentially) shortest, despite being the oldest?

Cecily provided some pre dinner entertainment.


For your viewing pleasure:

Classic stuff, I tell you.

Some people ate chicken. I went with Mr. Hugh Jass myself.


  • spinach
  • lentils
  • corn chile salsa
  • spicy yogurt sauce
  • blue chips.


Plus I snacked on some cherries.


I ate loads, so I could perform my best talent.


Tying cherry stems with my tongue.


Klassy. That I am.

Meredith was so envious.


She just does not have the talent.

After all that fruit and greens, I was definitely feeling the fiber baby.


What can I say?


Nothing. I just ate some cake. x2


There goes the no sweets week. Threw that one out the window.



Hope you enjoyed this klassy cake eating, fiber baby, guitar playing, cherry stem tying celebration. I did.

Oh, and…God put a rainbow in the sky. For MEEEEEEEEEEEE. (If you don’t get that scroll back up and watch the video. It’s worth it.)

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So back to birthday recaps.

While I am at it I must also apologize for my lack of posting and commenting. I believe I shall make up for it with today’s posts. I think I will end up with three total which is a record for me. As for the lack of commenting, well my google reader was just beyond me. I read everything, but I could in no way comment on everything. Please accept my most sincere apologies. And check out these pancakes I ate for breakfast.


Carrot Cake Pancakes!

Katie, this is my official entry into the Pancake Challenge!


I based the main pancake recipe off of Kath’s yogurt pancake recipe.

I added:

  • 1 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • brown sugar instead of regular sugar I also used a bit more sugar

For the topping I mixed:

  • Vanilla greek yogurt
  • TJ’s light organic whipped cream cheese
  • powdered sugar

These tasted just like carrot cake! Unfreakingbelievable!

After that amazing start to the day (really does it get better than pancakes?) Mama D gifted me with this basket:


Guys, I want you to know that Mama D and lil’ sis Sabrina made all those soaps and bath salts. It was perfect, along with the $$$ she gave me to go toward my new Garmin. Ohhhh yes.

Then Linden, Matt and I headed to the lake. 

We did make a pit stop.


I had some birthday fries.

Then lake time:



Ok, those pictures are not even from my birthday. We are so lame about taking pictures while on the lake it is pitiful.

Matt was there though:


This is not from my birthday either. It’s actually from last year on the 4th. I adore it though. So manly and such.

We did get some chopsticks out of the boy:


Apparently Matt and Jake are accomplished pianists. I couldn’t tell.

And, yes that picture is actually from my birthday. Unlike the previous three.

Then what we’d all been waiting for:



Chocolate Zucchini Cake?


Topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. What a way to get your veggies. The cake + the pancakes may have been all the veggies I consumed all day. Hey it’s not every day a girl turns 23.

So the rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We hung out and I ate some more cake.

Then Julie arrived, and we had a bit more cake.

Plus I consumed some a sandwich, some pickles and some watermelon.

Then we went to see the The Proposal. What better way to end your b-day than with a little shirtless Ryan Reynolds?

Yes I realize that is the second time he has shown up on my blog in the last month.

A girl can never have too much Ryan Reynolds in her life.

Or chicken dumplings.


Grandma made them especially for my birthday at Sunday lunch.

Most delicious. Especially with cantaloupe, grapes, bread, okra, peas, corn and salad.

Yum, but I was very stuffed. I let it settle for 3 hours a bit and then went on about an hour bike ride. Exactly what the doctor ordered after a foodie filled weekend with little to no exercise. I don’t know what happened to that 7 mile run I had planned for Saturday morning.


Nope. No idea.

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