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I’m a lovin’ these swag titles.

Sorry if you don’t.


Today’s snack was a Pure bar from my HLS swag bag.


Like Caitlin would say; Nom, nom, nom.

After I chowed this bar, it started raining; but alls well that ends well, and by the time I got home it was gone. Linden and I had planned a little photo shoot, so we jetted off to Julie’s and I rocked some poses. I will post the link for your viewing pleasure once she has posted them, cause there is nothing better than a camera whore with a baby sister who loves photography.

Once done with that shiz, I jumped on the ol’ bike for a few sweaty miles. I’m no Megan or Kelly, but I like to bike. Seriously, kudos to those two for rocking an awesome FIFTY mile bike ride together today.

Then I came back to the kitch for a little snacky snack dinner.


I mainly focused on the carrots,


hummus, corn chile,


and pita chips.

I left the pickles alone, and headed over to the apples.


My new friends joined me.


Hello Meghan!


Come get me, it’s dangerous here!

Don’t worry, he will be fine. Mwahahahaha.

I got a genius hair and broiled a naner.


Topped it with Barney Butter, and called it dessert.

So good, you could eat it with a spoon. Oh that’s right.

I did.


So I know it’s been a while since I shared a verse with you guys. I am kind of feeling it tonight though.

Let’s check out Proverbs, shall we?

Proverbs 17:9 (The Message)

Overlook an offense and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and—good-bye, friend!

I’ve made so many new friends in the last few months, through the blog, church and my job. I need to remind myself of this verse, because it is so IMPORTANT in any relationship, but especially friendship. I have had quite a few friendships go awry because I was offended.

What about you? Have you ever lost a great friend over something that was petty and nonsensical in the long run?


In other blog news:

For some great reads, check out Betsy’s blog. I was lucky enough to meet her at HLS, and she is just as awesome in real life as she is on her blog. Love that girl.

Also, the parfait queen, K is giving away a pretty clean cookbook in this post.

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blogger and fitness freak! ack!

I chalk this up to:

(a) the fact my laptop is in need of a visit to the laptop doctor.

(b) I started a new job (yay me! and in this economy too!)

(c) Spring + rain = allergies which = sinus infection.

(d) Last but not least… BIRTHDAY CAKE! I love birthday cake, I do, I do. I think I need to join Birthday Cake Addicts Anonymous. My sister had a birthday…enough said.

So, I have been under the weather, not had my computer to post, nor track my workouts, plus I have been slammed at my new job. I know, excuses, excuses. I resolve here and now that I will start the Jillian Michaels ‘Making the Cut’ this Monday (now that I have finished off all the birthday cake in the house) and will subsequently blog my progress. I will. Watch me.

In blogging news, I want to give a shout out to possibly the funniest blogger ever (in my eyes). Seriously, I love this girl. She is so freaking funny, every time her blog pops up on my reader I get a little thrill of excitement. Also she is currently hosting a cool contest which ends oh, tomorrow. (Get over there and enter!) So heres to Je! Your blog makes my day.

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