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As most of you know, I have been reading The Shack over the last few weeks.

What? You didn’t know that?

Well I have.

So now, the time comes for me to weigh in on my thoughts.

Personally, I loved the book. I know it is a controversial book, with some people not agreeing with the message, and others feeling mislead by the style.

I went into the book knowing it was a work of fiction. So is Pilgrim’s Progress. It does not make the book any less moving or spiritual.

I can truly say that The Shack changed my life.

There are only two books I can say that about, and coincidentally they are both spiritual/religious books.

1. The Message Bible

2. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Both of these books had a great impact on how I viewed spirituality and my personal relationship with Christ.

The Shack had an even greater impact.

The way the author portrays the Holy Trinity and Jesus’ relationship with God is incredible. He weaves a story, so brilliant and believable, that it brings you to tears at points and highs of exhilaration at others.

My favorite part was how he noted that ‘on Papa’s hands he (Mac) saw the same marks as on Jesus’ hands’ when he explained that God never forsook, nor left Jesus on the cross. He instead wrapped him in his arms and was pierced with the nails as well. It reiterates the point that God will never leave us, nor forsake us either. He will always be there, wrapping us in his arms and holding us tight as we face controversy and sorrow, death and sadness. He is there when we experience true love, miracles and wonder as well. He loves us as we love our own children.

It is said that there is no greater love than that of a mother and a child. After reading this book, I tend to disagree. I truly believe that God loves us greater than we, as humans, can comprehend. If you know the love of a mother, or you are a mother yourself, just stop and think; if you had created something with your own hands, and not just your body, how much you would love it. How much God must love us, to create us in his image, and give us this wonderful world to live in.

A world full of peanut butter, running shoes and spinach.

You knew I had to go there, didn’t you?

Sorry, but truly, those are things I LOVE, that would not be possible, had God not given them to us.

So, in conclusion I say, definitely read The Shack. It may present God in a whole new light, one you had never seen him in before. It may change your relationship with Him. Or, you may not like it at all, and totally disagree with me.

Hey, God made us all different for a reason.

He is still quite fond of us all in our own special way.

PS: The ending of the book? Incredible. Incredible.

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