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S’mores bar, that is!


I finally got around to trying one of the Z-bars Holly sent me for a snack today.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Holly, you adorable little lady, you.

After work, ‘twas CharlotteOne of course! 😀

Our speaker tonight was James-Michael Smith and wow, did his message hit close to home! It was called ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ and was about dealing with depression. It was, in a word, amazing.

I have touched on my own struggles with depression here, so you guys know what this subject meant to me. I was nearly in tears by the end. I wish I could have heard this message two years ago! It was so ME. I just wanted to go up to the pastor and thank him, but unfortunately I couldn’t find him afterward. It’s just as well, I might have gotten blubbery.

Just a reminder:

If you feel any of these symptoms or emotions, please, please see a doctor immediately. A good therapist can get you through a lot.

  • you can’t sleep or you sleep too much
  • you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
  • you feel hopeless and helpless
  • you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
  • you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating
  • you are much more irritable and short-tempered than usual
  • you have thoughts that life is not worth living (Seek help immediately if this is the case)

Remember, you are not alone. You do not have to face this monster alone. Please, ask for help.

Ok, PSA is over.

On a lighter note, here is a gorgeous photo of my friend Powell who went to CharlotteOne with me tonight.


Doesn’t he look convicted with the spirit? 😉 I adore.

Just as I sat down to eat my [unpictured] dinner of a Shrimp + Crab tower [described as: fresh avocado, crab meat, tomato and poached shrimp in lemon mayonnaise. Accompanied by fresh grilled flatbread.] I heard it. You know the noise. The dreaded sound of…a BUTTON popping off your shirt! And in a most pertinent button it was!




I desperately tried to cover it up:


Um, yeah. Not working.

So I treated my new friends to a peep show all during dinner.

So me.

So klassy.


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