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A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad who turned FIFTY today!


I gifted him with a card that may or may not have had the word ‘fart’ numerous times and a bag of Wal-Mart brand jelly fruit slices.

I don’t think you could ask for a better daughter than me, personally.


😀 = ME this morning. Ah who am I kidding. I am SO not a morning person. But I am an oatmeal person.

I always say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And I didn’t.


Same oatmeal as yesterday, just a little messier.


I am so excited to be going to Fitbloggin this weekend and hanging out with so many lovely ladies, attending what is sure to be an awesome, inspiring conference and just in general an incredible weekend.

So excited in fact that I ate eggs for lunch.


That is in fact and ‘egg sandwich’ because there is a pita hiding under those eggs. I bought a lot of pitas at the grocery store, in case you were wondering.

On the side I had this grapefruit:


with, *gasp* Splenda. I feel sort of guilty about that, so much in fact it’s a little blurry. But there is no hiding those two packets of Splenda.  I hang my head in shame that you now know my nasty habit.

When we were finishing up lunch my boss came in with a ‘treat’.



My coworker and I split this little baby and it was as gorgeous in my mouth as it was to look at.



You’d be kidding yourself if you thought that not three hours later I had a snack attack.


Banana Bread Larabar from Allison! DEEEELICIOUS!

After work I stopped at Wally world for Dad a present. I fully intend to purchase him a ‘real’ gift this weekend. Fathers are just difficult to shop for, I find. He likes music, so last year I bought him iTunes gift cards.

I ended up using them myself.

Any suggestions on the gift giving front are welcome.

Mama D. made a birthday dinner, so I was invited back home. Which is nice, since I would have crashed it had I not been invited.


Mama D. made lentils, rice and some vegetable mixture that she called by a funny name. I don’t know these things.


And homemade hummus and pita chips.


I ate so many pita chips that I swear my tongue is raw. Stacy, why is your product so addicting?

I had a small sliver of cake for dessert but I was so classy I did not eat it off a plate. So therefore no picture.

Later I napped on the living room floor like old times until I was booted out the door. I had to pack for the weekend, so I gathered up my things and scurried off with my tail between my legs. I was leaving anyway!!! I could be heard yelling for miles.

Believe whatever parts of that last paragraph that you want to.


Moving on, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to you guys for your lovely comments on my outfit and general person in my last post. It was totally unexpected and thus the reason I love you guys SO MUCH.

You see, it was just what I needed.

I have been feeling so down because I am just not losing the weight I have gained, and I have been pretty bummed about it. I had a huge breakdown on my sisters just YESTERDAY about it in fact. But we don’t blog about the ugly, do we? And the way I was hating on myself was ugly.

The sad thing is, I knew it. I knew what I was thinking was wrong, but I still thought it. The truth is that yes, I’ve gained a few pounds but THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY THE WAY IT IS.

We can’t all be 120 lbs all the time.

I know that I am strong and healthy, and really that’s what matters. I may have a few curves going on, but God gave them to me. I’ve gotta love what I’ve got!

You guys just proved that, and I love you for it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Snowed In Sleepover

Hey guys!

So I literally disappeared in the snowstorm that hit Friday night. 😉


We got around 3-4 inches, and it was perfect, because my cousins and I [there are 5, FIVE, 1-2-3-4-5 of us girls between 19-23] had a sleepover planned for the weekend with our SINGLE LADY! aunt. [Everyone should have a SINGLE LADY! aunt. They are mucho fun!]



It was a hair raising time.


We ordered pizza and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies.


‘Scuse the flash.

At some point after the USA trotted through, we all passed out from exhaustion and when we woke up [on the couch!] the next morning, a blanket of white greeted us!


DSC_0085 DSC_0087


It was so pretty, but gone by noon.

Not gone before we made SNOW CREAM!


Southern tradition, ya’ll.

[And I ate 47000x more food than is pictured.]

Since the snow was gone by noon, I spent the rest of the day in IKEA! and then went to CHURCH, DINNER and watched MOVIES with friends + family.

It was cozy.

Yesterday I woke up feeling not so great, so I spent 95% of the day in bed. 😦
Alls good today though! I feel like 1,000,000,000%!

I hear snow was on the ground in 49 states this weekend! Did you get some, or no bueno?

Snow makes me like a kid at Christmas, case you can’t tell. 😉

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5 years ago…

Today started out almost exactly like it did 5 years ago.

Except instead of Dad yelling ‘The baby’s coming!’…

Cecily 012

He said ‘Wake the baby up!’

Happy Birthday Cecily!


I’m glad you came into our lives 5 years ago.

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Why I Love My Family

They bundled up…


piled in the car.

Walked city blocks…


in the freezing cold.



or not. 😉

Waited for hours…


and hours…

Just to be there…


When I crossed that finish line.

Zoom and Crop

My family makes me happy.


Love you guys!


*This post brought to you by Christmas, post marathon appreciation and the reappearance of my Nikon D40; host of the first several photos.

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Hey there, chickens! [new term of endearment for me. I call Cecily a chicken.]


In return she calls me Chicken Leg and Chicken Poo. Feel welcome to do the same. Chicken was learning how to draw with depth today. She did a pretty bangin’ job on a barn. I love that kid.

Also love green monsters.


Had one of those on the way out the door this morning. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even notice some had dripped down the side there + I left my camera cord at home.

In the pink bottle:

  • spinach
  • almond milk
  • pb
  • vanilla whey protein powder
  • ice
  • frozen naner

That’s a winner every time! LOVE IT.

At lunch time I was going to post about that green monster, but I realized I left my camera cord at home, so I ate some steamed veggies instead.



Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli.

I think I died and went to veggie heaven. This was SO GOOD. No kidding.

Later a snack was had. [At like 2 pm. Those veggies did not hold me over very well. But the green monster did. What what, smoothie power!]


STRAWB. adore.

But peach still holds first place in my heart.

Once all my work was done [on food and otherwise] I went home. When I got there I was not feeling very motivated. I was in fact feeling very SAD. Sunny summer days, come back to me! You motivate me so.

I think I am part bear. I just want to hibernate in the winter.

Ate some pizza.


+ salad. I had two slices of the pizza though. I wouldn’t want to deceive anyone. 😉



It was ERIKA’S! birthday, so I went over to help with the celebrations.


Such a gorgey cousin I have there. Her + Scott = cutest couple ever.

She is 19! [tomorrow] *


I loved this cake. In more ways than one.

And this whole table?


Well I was like a horse and it was my pasture. Grazed all night.

FUN was had!


PS: I suck at Rock Band + I am getting my hair done Saturday. No more roots! That stuff is looking wack!

PPS: Have you heard this song yet? SO GOOD. I am obsessed.

G’night chickens!

*ETA: This posted at 12 AM so it was officially Erika’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you, girlie.

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lucky girl

It’s been the best day! I just haven’t been able to quit smiling, ever since Julie called me with the BEST NEWS EVER this morning.


You might remember her, the girl I celebrated my birthday with? And go gallery crawling with? And party in style with? Yeah that girl. The yin to my yang, the big sister I never had?


Mama D’s little sister?

Ha, bet ya didn’t know THAT ONE!

Anyway Julie, my lovely big sister/aunt/friend called me today to let me know she is PREGNANT! With her first little munchkin!

I screamed.

Really loud.

And then I tweeted.

Because I love babies.

So long as I am not the one giving birth, that is.

Because then I would be scared.

And cry probably.

But someone else?

Then. Oh, then I am excited.

So congrats Julie, the big sister I never had, gallery crawl buddy and fabulous artist in your own right. 

I love you.

Ok, dry those tears.

I had an apple for a snack today!


Plus cinnamon. And nuts. [twss]

And then I worked. Worked through my smiles.

Worked late.

Mainly because I was chatting with my bosses wife. She is adorable, and I love her! I know, I’m so lucky.

I was also lucky to have this dinner.


I was lucky to find tofu in the fridge and bake it up.


425 degrees for 25 minutes!

I was lucky to find these peas in the freezer and microwave them.


Water, salt and 2.5 minutes!

I was lucky to find this pasta in my bedroom [don’t ask!] and boil it.


Hot water, salt and boil until al denté or tender, whichever you prefer!

I was lucky that Mama D. was stewing some of those apples that are still coming out our ears from our mountain trip.


I’m a lucky girl. Very lucky, indeed.

PS: Head over to Katie’s blog and check out her very special chocolate covered November challenge!

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When in Rome…


Eat Chik-fil-A for breakfast. 😉


Our mountain trip started bright and early [7:30 am!] this morning. It was raining in Char-town, but by the time we made it to the apple orchard outside Hendersonville it was sunny skies all the way!


There were rows upon rows of apple trees, just begging for me to pick them.


Or just play hide and seek among the branches.



And dance and spin along the rows.

DSC_0064 DSC_0091


DSC_0105 DSC_0237

Jumping for joy…


We posed our family for a nice photograph.


Yes, this is a perfect representation of our family.

And this is a perfect representation of me.


[I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky. Spread my wings and fly away…]

Really, no apple picking happened on this trip. Or flying.

Plenty of hiding in the bamboo, yes.



Playing house? Check.


Playing apple? Check.


Admiring sheep?



Or were they admiring us?

Meredith and I had serious doubts about this one’s viability.


But we shouted at him, and he stirred.


Ahhh, he’s not dead.



And then I played with Linden’s new lens.



Hint*Mama D, I need one of these for Christmas*Hint

Plus, all the girls gathered ‘round Aunt Mel.


We love her.

Since actual work [aka, picking] was not on our agenda, we ended up at the store to buy the already picked versions of apples we wanted.

Fuji, Pink Lady, Cameo and Macintosh.



Look at all the pumpkins and gourds!





Apple butter, pear butter, PUMPKIN BUTTER!


Hello, little jar. I believe one of you is coming home with me…yes.


Pops took donuts home with him. IN HIS BELLY!

And I thankfully spotted this sign:


Cider? Yes, yes!


Would you like a caramel apple with that?

Thank you.

Fingers sticky and bellies full we proceeded onto Mama D’s favorite attraction in all the NC mountains.


Yes. The Carl Sandburg Home.

He wrote a book called Rootabaga Stories in 1922. Years before I was born, but Mama D. made me read it anyway.

Approaching the house it appears Cecily had the best mode of transportation.


But who cares? Meredith, Sabrina and I made good use of a bathroom mirror.


[I washed my hands first.]

And then we hiked.


[House in the distance, AHOY!]

Past waterfalls.


And wooly worms.


Past walls of ivy.


[Ah, Sabrina! So gorgeous!]

And gates of white.



To the goat dairy!


A goat dairy! Who wants a big cold glass of goat milk? 😉

I found my true love.


And a swimming hole.


All my life I have wanted to swim in a swimming hole. I almost jumped in. Alas, it was about 60 degrees and I had no change of clothes.


And me jumping in would have marred this beautiful reflection. Can’t have that.

What I CAN have though, is lunch.


We departed the Carl Sandburg Home and ended up in Maggie Valley around 4:30. I guess we shall call this meal linner [lunch + dinner]. I did have a few crackers, fudge and things to keep me going through the afternoon, not gonna lie.

At Garlic Knots, we ordered garlic knots. [OF COURSE!]


I had two. They were quite delicious.

Also I had a salad.


It was not quite as delicious, but edible. I much prefer a salad made by my own hand, thank you very much.

And after much argument we decided upon two pizzas, Hawaiian and Meat.


I had the Hawaiian x2.

And we drew some flowers on the paper tablecloth.



I bet those people love us.

In all sincerity though, we really enjoyed dining at Garlic Knots. If you are ever in Maggie Valley, NC I fully recommend stopping in. Order a garlic knot. Or two.


As we were leaving the restaurant, we noticed the mountain in the distance.

[Great Smoky Mountains, what, what! See where the name comes from?]

Also we were attacked by vampires.


And not the Edward Cullen kind either. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind. AND IT WASN’T EVEN DARK OUT! Plus the picture is showing up on my camera!!! What is the world coming to????

I ran for the hills.

Then I realized I was already in the hills, so I climbed back in the van. And we rode to the uber-politically correct town of Cherokee. Where you can gamble. And watch [and I quote] ‘Live Indian Dancing’ as well as purchase ‘Indian blankets’. I purchased an Indian blanket, but I prefer to call it a ‘Native American Blanket.’

Seeing as it is already late, I’m going to go curl up with it. It’s quite cozy.

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