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Ok, I had possibly the worst start to my day, like, EVER. But it ended up ok in the end. We will get to the end eventually though. Let’s start with the worst.

Woke up. 7:40. K, I am supposed to be, like, LEAVING for work. Nevahmind, I will hurry.

Ok, who cut off the heat? It is like minus 10 with wind chill in my bedroom. See brown sweater. Toss it on.

Run down the stairs, grabbing the PILE of stuff to take with me to work, breakfast, lunch, snack and a package I need to mail.

Run out the door, throw my stuff in the car, including breakfast, which should have been this:


banana, peanut butter and caramel Oikos.

Instead, my yogurt HITS the floor, splattering all over my car rug and up the side of my pants.

Great, I’m going to smell like yogurt all day.

Get to work, make it inside, set down my packages and run back out to get my car rug, so I can wash it before permanent damage is done. [I just realized that I left the rug at work after the washing. FAIL.] Also realize that the WARM BROWN SWEATER is also ITCHY BROWN SWEATER.

Feeling quite stressed, and with the day still new, I proceeded to set Pandora to play Lady Gaga Radio. Which is God’s gift to us on stressful days, I have decided. Seriously, it rocks.

With Gaga in the background I proceeded to calm down, with the help of a few well timed yoga breaths, and eventually get my work done.

LUNCH was worth the trouble it caused me to pack. [Ok, this was the easiest lunch to pack AND make, ever. I’m just being a drama queen.]


Half a head of boston lettuce, naturally fresh ranch, and a black bean burger. Scarfed it down. [And by scarfed, I mean that Stacy and Clinton did not even have time to show the prospective makeover candidate the visa card before I was done.]

After a quick trip to the post office, and a large dent made in my wallet, I finished my work and snacked on an apple and pb.


Still working on that container of Whole Foods pb from Nashville. That’s like a record or something.

Also a record may be the fact that I did in fact manage to get all my work done today. I was in quite a state in the beginning, so it was quite the miracle.

Home, and then dinner, in that order.


brown rice, chicken leg, broccoli + carrots.

After which I had a dessert of GRAPES





Instead of vegging out, as I was feeling should be the case, I pulled up Biggest Loser on Hulu [since my Tuesday schedule is wacked up I always miss my favorites, AI and BL. 😦 ] and proceeded to do an interval workout while being inspired by people changing their lives. LOVE MIGGY.

I worked out for an hour, doing a combination of weights, cardio and yoga. Twas lovely and I felt like a new person once done. No better way to end a stressful day than with a good workout, eh? [What do I think I am, Canadian, eh?]

What’s your favorite de-stress move?

Seriously, Lady Gaga on Pandora does it for me.


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So today has been pretty much awesome.

Started with this:




Kashi + Almond Milk + 1/2 naner + Berries


Nevertheless, I am never one to turn down food. My stomach was growling again, by lunch anyway. I mean Kashi is filling, but for 4.5 hours?

So I made a salad.


Salad + Egg.

This was SO good. Sometimes I forget how much I love eggs. I love them a lot.

And now for the question asked by all: What is a snack with no peanut butter?


Not this one, judging by the picture. Graham crackers + White Chocolate Wonderful = winner, winner.

Speaking of the peanut butter, it came in my Bloggie Secret Santa gift I got last Thursday.


Whoever you are [as my Santa chose to remain anonymous] THANK YOU! This is filled with all the lovely things I enjoy. I would say I can’t wait to dig in, but as you can see I already did.

After work I went to yoga with Kasey at Y2 Yoga, where we met up with Emily + Amanda. It was just what I needed tonight; an hour and a half of hot yoga. I am SO TIGHT. I had the hardest time with some of the easiest poses, and I kept slipping on the balance poses. One time I even got my right and my left mixed up. So embarrassing. Alas, I survived, and shall be back! Kasey and I got the month special, so we plan to make use of it. Many more trips to Y2 Yoga in our future!

Once home, I made a quickie dinner of:


[Righty!] EGGS! [told you they were delicious today!]


Unfortunately, my eyes were bigger than my stomach so only half of this was consumed.

Along with a gulp of sparkling grape juice…


[finished the bottle!]

and a mug of hot tea!


Stacey gave me a mix of fruit teas for Christmas, and although I am not a huge tea drinker [coffee!] I do on occasion enjoy it, and this black cherry blend hit the spot!

Thanks for pointing me in a new beverage direction, Stacey! I think I just may become a tea drinker after all.


What’s your hot beverage of choice?

Coffee? Tea? Hot Chocolate? Cider, maybe?

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So, obviously I have been putting off writing this post.

I mean, who gains weight while a.) writing a food blog; and b.) training for a huge race, wherein you torch thousands of calories in the training alone?


Obviously, me.

It’s kind of embarrassing, to be honest.

So, I have not stepped back on the scales yet (eeeekk! the idea freaks me out!) but…as all my pants are noticeably tighter and all my shirts are becoming decidedly uncomfortable, I assume I have gained (a good bit of?) weight.

I can chalk this up to 4 things.

1. While marathon training I assumed it was safe to eat whatever + after the marathon was over I kept the same mentality. And obviously it was not. Not at all okay. Even while marathon training it was not really ok. Because I ate things like ice cream. And cake.

And lots of it.

2. When I start eating sweets, I don’t stop at just one. Christmas goodies. ‘Nuff said.

3. I have become a HUGE slacker in the weight lifting department. HUGE slacker. History has proven that straight cardio does not work for me and I chose to dump weight lifting anyway. 

4. Once the weight started coming on a developed a ‘I feel gross, so I shall eat more’ mentality. In hindsight, not the smartest mentality, but I am an emotional eater. I recognize this, but I do not always control this. Sad, but true fact.

What I am going to do about it.

Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You

1. Start eating by a meal plan. And immediately. When my eating blossoms out of control the only way to get it back under control is by making a meal plan and sticking to it. My favorite pre-made meal plan is found in ‘Making the Cut’ by the master of fitness herself, Jillian Michaels. There are also some kick butt workouts found the pages of this wondrous book, and I shall be kicking my butt with those 3-4 days a week.

2. As previously stated, kick the weightlifting up a notch. Or a level. Or whatever you want to call it.


3. My new bottle and lunch bag that Mama D. gifted me with this holiday season. I plan to make great use of it. I bring my lunch to work most days, but I have been slacking on the water drinking. My new beautiful bottle gives me many reasons to lift it to my lips. Not the least being it’s sleek curves and lovely designs.

4. Eating at specific times and only then. No feeding my feelings with food. Feeling down? Go to the gym. Not the kitchen.

5. Practicing yoga. I love yoga. I do. I love the wacky poses and the massagy [not a word] feeling it leaves you with. And I haven’t been doing it. So I hereby declare that I shall practice yoga 1-3x a week. I like having a range. I don’t feel guilty if I don’t hit 3, but I have to get in at least one yoga practice. Even just a 20 minute yoga download.

6. I plan to post the amount of weight lost every week in my Friday post. Just down at the bottom. You can skip it if you want. But I think it will help me be accountable.

Now I don’t expect to follow the meal plan exactly. I am not that anal nor scheduled. I do expect however to use it as a guideline which I believe is how it is meant to be used. I also don’t expect to hit all my workout goals every week. They are just that. Goals. Something to strive for. Something to look forward to. I also plan to post all meals, every day. No handfuls of un pictured crackers or slices of un photoed cake. This may seem a bit excessive to some, but it works for me!

I am not doing this because I hate my body. Or because I feel pressured to be thin or a certain number.

I don’t and I certainly don’t.

But I also do not relish the fact that all my pants are too tight. And that I have resorted to wearing imaginative outfits so that I feel comfortable while out. Like scarves and layers. Good thing it’s winter. 😉

Finally, I just want to say I am doing this for ME. Just for me. So I can be comfortable in my jeans and happy in my tank tops [ya know, when tank top season rolls back around.]

I want these arms again.

But maybe not that blotchy sunburn.

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Cake + Weights

First things first. The video of Michael Bublé on Regis and Kelly can be found HERE. Oh, is that kid ever funny. I had tears in my eyes from laughter. It’s all in the personality, folks.

Secondly, I devoured another peach Chobani at snack time today.


Delicious, but I think that was the last peach.

After work I had a gym sesh. Nothing major. Weights + running. I love lifting weights, but I find that I let it go in the summer. It’s always such a treat come winter. As soon as this marathon is behind me I will have to find me a strength training program. Gotta get these arms tightened up! They are feeling so sorely neglected with all this running I’ve been doing.

I had a bangin’ dinner prepared by Linden. She is a kitchen pro.


Mustard cauliflower.


BBQ Chick a lickin’.


Tater tots.

And then I found a cake in the freezer so I had a slice.


It was too sweet. Now I feel kind of sick. No bueno.



Do you prefer weights or cardio? Does it vary with the seasons?

I find I prefer to focus more on cardio during the spring and summer when I can be outside, and leave the weights for winter. I’m always down for a good strength sesh though.

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Kreativ + Lovely

Love, love, lovely snack!



  • Apple, microwaved [1.5 minutes]
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla greek yogurt
  • granola

Seriously, if you haven’t tried this yet, why not? It’s lovely!

[Wait, did I say that already?]

Anyway, I went to the gym today! Yes, that would be the same gym where all the TVs were stolen. No they haven’t been replaced yet.

I did:

  • 30 minutes/9 miles on the bike
  • 30 minutes/2 miles incline walk on the treadmill

All while reading Good Housekeeping of course. Did you know that if you do not have any ‘delicate wash’ laundry detergent, you can wash your delicates in shampoo? Fun Good Housekeeping FOTD! [Fact of the day.]

I scurried home for dinner, for this girl was hungry!


Turkey, cheese, romaine on Arnolds Thin + Cauliflower.



Second apple treat of the day: Homemade apple pie with cool whip. Wonder what The Daily Plate’s gonna say about that?

‘Twas delicious, that’s what I’m gonna say about that!


The lovely Lauren at Say What You Need to Say awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award last week. Thanks Lauren!

The rules are that I have to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me; but I actually received this award previously and did that, why don’t you guys tell me ONE thing about yourself!

C’mon spill!

I’m dying to hear!

I’ll even share something with you guys…I updated my Best Of section to include September and October today, plus I wore a motocross shirt to the gym.

Look that’s two things!

The second part is that I have to nominate 7 other bloggers, but I did that previously as well, so I am nominating ALL OF YOU for this award!

[heh heh, now you HAVE to share something! I’m GIVING you an award for it!]

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In retrospect, I probably should have written my note backwards since I was taking the picture in a mirror.


But you get the drift.

I ran 17 miles today! 17 miles and it feels so good…or maybe my legs ache just a little. 😉

BC [before church] I fixed me up a wonderful bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.


Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, banana?

Yes, indeedy that is pumpkin + banana oatmeal topped with pumpkin butter. mmmmm.

I attended early service at church, therefore giving me more time to run. Good thing, because I needed it. 😉

Really, my run went wonderfully. I refueled at my planned stops with a Gatorade + water combo and gummy life savers. [Hey, it’s what the gas station had!] At mile 7 I stopped back by the house and changed my shirt. Long sleeves were not agreeing with me today! Thank God I did, I would have sweated a flood had I not.

Miles 7-10 were uneventful and easy, but after mile 10 I started experiencing a little ankle pain. Nothing major, just more like my feet screaming GIVE ME A BREAK. Miles 10-15 were much, much easier than I expected, given that I just ran 15 miles last week and it was HARD. Oh so hard.

The last 2 miles, my iPod died, and I literally was just running with only the thoughts in my head bouncing around. Which were: You can do this, you can do this.


17 miles? check.

New PDR? check.

A reward?



Afterwards, I took a page out of Megan’s book [or blog?] and took an ice bath. And it was not nearly as excruciating as I imagined. I mean with two sweatshirts, I nearly got comfortable.

Ok, maybe not comfortable but I was really glad I did it. There was no way I could have iced all the places that need to be iced, so the ice bath took care of that.

Now I am dreaming up a dinner. I originally planned to attend my church bbq tonight, but I am wiped from my run. I think I’ll just chill around the house, maybe cook up some pasta.

What about you? After a long run, do you prefer just to putt about the house and do nothing in particular?

Me? Yes, yes I do. I prefer to putt about the house and do nothing in particular a good bit of the time in fact. I don’t like being tied down to plans. Or either I’m just getting old.

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I conquered a new distance, 15 miles is MINE babay!!!!

The whole time, I just kept thinking of all you guys and your wonderful, encouraging comments.

I thought of Chandra, who ran her first marathon today.

I thought of Holly who ran her first marathon two weeks ago today.

And Val who ran her THIRD marathon last week.

I look up to all these ladies, and consider them kind of ‘superheroes’ ‘cause they’ve all done what is my ultimate goal. To run the marathon.

I still can’t believe that in less than two months I will be running my own marathon, but then yesterday 15 miles was just a possibility. Today I made that a reality.

Thank you guys so much for believing in me!


I know I didn’t post all my meals yesterday, but they were kind of boring as my appetite is still not quite on par yet.

I did consume this gawjuss ice cream cone, so I of course had to share a pic.


Fudge Ripple + Mint Choc Chip + Ice Cream Sandwich

Isn’t that just beautiful? All those lovely flavors.

This morning dawned bright, cold and sunshiny.

I figured oat bran was called for.


Chocolate chip cookie oat bran

And of course coffee on the side flavored with Mama D’s own Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer.


‘Twas a lovely breakfast.

As I mentioned previously it was gorgeously sunshiny for the FIRST time ALL WEEK this morning.

Um, that lasted until I got out of church.

Really? Really?

So my run was enjoyed under a nice threatening bank of clouds that looked like they could at any time. But they didn’t and all was well.

Wanna see my before/after run treat?



I stopped at the gas station to pick up a Gatorade for my run and these babies caught my eye. I figured them for a nice ‘treat’ so I picked them up as well. They were a lovely addition to my day.

I can’t wait to pick out my 17 miler ‘treat’.


In other exciting news I booked a Thanksgiving trip this morning. To NASHVILLE! I haven’t ever been and the sisters and I think it shall be quite fun. We’re going to be in Nashville the 26th through the 29th, so if you’re in the area and want to meet up or just have some suggestions for fun things to do, let me know!

Now I’m off to Ice, Ice, Baby and carve some PUMPKINS. My absolute favorite part of Halloween.

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