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DST + Link Love

Hello loves, how was your weekend? Mine was lazy + fabulous. Except for that stinky time change of course. Meh, don’t like that. I did finally get my curtains hung in my new room so that I can sleep all night though. That was especially nice.

I made it easy on myself this morning and used up the last of my wilted blueberries in a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls with almond milk.


I was using soy milk of late because it was on sale, but I picked up almond milk this week. I swear I have used almond milk in my cereal before, but this was disgustingly thick. Has anyone else ever noticed this or did I perhaps get a bad box of almond milk?

Oh well, I ate it anyway.

And two cups of coffee. The large ones. It is now Daylight Savings Time after all and it takes me a week to adjust. Laugh if you want to.

Lunch was so fantastic.


Sweet potato fries are always fantastic of course.


But the kicker was this pita sandwich I made.


A Morningstar Farms burger with spinach and TJ’s triple layer hummus. Don’t judge if I eat this again tomorrow.

I was SO BUSY this afternoon, I barely got a chance to eat this Z-bar on the fly.


Obviously. I didn’t even move my pen. I love those pens, btw. They always disappear on me too. 😦 The good ones always do.

After work I hurried home because the ONE good thing about DST [Daylight Savings Time] is that it is light outside until 7:30, so I got in a good run plus a gym session, by RUNNING to my gym, working out and RUNNING back. It felt SO GOOD to run outside again. It was like 64 degrees. PERFECT, PERFECT running weather. I have to be honest, between the HORRID burnout I suffered + my post marathon injury I had let my running slide. A lot. Today was good, because it reminded me why I love to run and why I signed up and ran that marathon. When it’s right, it’s just RIGHT.

Unfortunately, my lack of training means that I probably will not be doing the Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon. I just don’t see myself being ready for it. I am though, going to go for the 10k. I haven’t done that distance before and I think it will be a good race to get me ready for some late spring/summer half marathons.

I was in the mood for PROTEIN for dinner, so I fished [oh this is good…] some tilapia out of the freezer that I bought on sale the other week and pan fried it in some olive oil.


I paired it with broccoli


and some grapes that were on their last leg along with some pineapple that I picked up at TJ’s this weekend.


Looking pretty at the table.


But in fact eaten whilst watching old Grey’s reruns on Lifetime. I do think that eating in front of the tv is not optimal, but these days I eat by myself 95% of the time and it’s lonely to eat at an empty table. Much more exciting to dine with Dr. Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey.

Some links I’ve been meaning to share:

CharlotteOne from last week, Legalism vs License.

My new favorite jam from John Mark McMillian. [I have his EP and adore it. It’s on repeat in my car ALL THE TIME.]



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Soooo, I basically ran around all day and my food looks kind of disgusting. Yet it was delicious.


Like my Oikos with granola and blueberries mixed in. How disgusting does that look? Yet it was delicious.

The big news of the day was that a virus has been attacking our computers at work, and today was my turn! VIRUS!! VIRUS!!! And my computer went kind of crazy.

So I ate lunch.


Oh, how pretty. A salad and salmon.

Since my computer was NOT AVAILABLE, I used the time to clean the office and make it shiny. In my heels. Klassy.

And I ate this bar.


Upside down and sideways.

Hit up the gym later, [like I really needed to after mopping in heels, but I did it anyway.] Weights + treadmill = sweaty and I soon found myself hungry and in need of a shower.

I took care of both.


Runny eggs, guacamole, broccoli and carrots.


Gotta go, American Idol is next!

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Today has been a really strange day…first, I’m not quite settled in my new living situation, so that throws me off a little, but not so much that I can’t make oatmeal!


Red bowl of oats and a mug of french press!


Those would be stovetop banana oats, by the way. Topped off with a little PB&Co White Chocolate Wonderful, because that’s the way I do it.

Anyway, that was not the weird part of my day. Later I was on my facebook, stalking, posting cynical yet witty updates [cause that’s the way I do it, uh huh] and just you know facebooking. All of a sudden I started chatting people I did not intend to! It was weird, but I closed the window and logged off chat. Thinking nothing of it I pulled out my lunch.


Which was a fantastic tofu salad, in case you wondered.


Tossed some grapes and cranberries in there for good measure!

While I was at lunch I noticed it had started SNOWING!!! In March. In Charlotte, North Carolina. That is not right folks. Not right at all.

Finished with ‘What Not to Wear’ and my salad I logged back onto facebook. It was then I was informed that my account had been ‘suspended due to violation of facebook rules’!!! Apparently my account was hacked and now I can’t get back in and all my facebook info is LOST. Not just my facebook info lost, but I felt lost without facebook all day as well. Sad, isn’t it, my dependence on technology? Please don’t judge.

But if anyone has ever had this happen and managed to recover their facebook, I’d like to know how. Because being lost is not a feeling I enjoy.

It continued to pour snow all afternoon, but it was too warm for it to stick, so it just made a melty slushy mess, but I got to go home early!

Had this lovely bar during my commute:


and got home early enough that I scooted over to the apartment gym for a quick treadmill + bike workout before going to CharlotteOne! Love it, because my Tuesdays are so slammed that it’s hard to get in a good workout.

I unfortunate did not foresee how tired and hungry I was going to be probably due to said workout tonight. I was propping my eyes open with my fingernails [how is that for a disgusting visual, huh?] and fending off hunger pangs all night.

Once I got home [after creeeeeping down the interstate because the snow is starting to stick now, and Charlotteans do not drive well in the snow] I literally ripped open this Amy’s Mattar Paneer and tossed it in the microwave with nary a thought to the stench.



The apartment may stink, but my belly is satisfied and I have some Febreze I’m planning to spray before the roomie gets home. Curry may smell, but my tastebuds do love it. 

[Speaking of which, any Charlotte readers know of a good Indian restaurant? I am craving something other than these frozen meals and the only one I know of is not in the best area, if you get my drift.]

Watching the end of Idol and then to bed I go!

Who is your favorite Idol guy?

Love Casey James, but I kind of have a thing for Lee Dewyze as well. He sings my kind of jams. Poor Tim Whatever is just pitiful. Bless him. Tonight was a bit better, but still…

Seriously, can anyone help revive my Facebook?

Help. Please.

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