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*cause all my pictures lean right. See below for proof.

Hey there lovelies!

Thank you all so much for agreeing, understanding or stating your own opinion on my post yesterday! I love that!


I’m such a cheeseball. But really, thank you all so much for understanding me and why I feel inclined to fit back in my clothes.

I didn’t post last night, because I didn’t actually sleep Sunday night, so I was catching up on that stuff. Do you find that vacation totally messes with your sleep schedule? I took a nap Sunday and did not wake up until 9 PM! PM! That was PM! Anyway, I never could go back to sleep Sunday night, so I just got up at like 5 AM!!! and got ready for work.

So I was tired last night.

But, yesterday’s breakfast [that I enjoyed at leisure as I certainly had the time.]


Kashi + Almond Milk + berries.

This is my favorite ‘Jillian-style’ breakfast, so you will probably see a lot of it and it’s many variations to come. Also, you may see some oatmeal. What’s new?



This was supposed to be a broccoli, cheese and turkey wrap, but I had no wraps. So it was just a broccoli, cheese and turkey. I fly by the seat of my pants, I tell ya!

‘Twas delicious.



Pear + Almonds.

That was actually supposed to be an apple and cashews. But again, I improvised.

Then, after work I planned to go to the gym. But anyway, I went to CVS instead. And then I planned to go after I went home, but somehow I had a nap. And then it was late. And I was still tired. And my foot was still a bit swollen. [We shall get to that later.]

So I had dinner.


Which was COMPLETELY rebellious, as it was a salad with turkey and it was technically supposed to be chicken + wild rice.

See what I mean about ‘using meal plans as a guideline’. Eat whatever floats ya boat, as long as it is still beautiful and healthy.



Beautiful and healthy.

If you get the craving for something hideous and unhealthy, you can always fall back on the old meal plan to set ya straight! Win-win!

Also, if you have not the ingredients for the meal plan…well you might eat a salad.

After dinner, I once again retired to bed, so as to catch up on all my sleep. I did.

On the exercise front, well I have not discussed this on the blog yet, not sure why, other than I never really saw an opening for it.

But, after my marathon, I took my shoe off [obviously, who would be around me if I still had those stanky thangs on?] and my right foot was swollen. With a bruise on the side.

Mama D. freaked out a bit.

I did not. I knew what it was. Tendonitis.

See, a few years ago I had a bout of tendonitis on the same foot. Same place. I went to the doctor and had it diagnosed and all, and he gave me the prescription of no activity for two weeks and anti-inflammatory pills.

So when I started experiencing a little problem with it again during training, I sort of ignored it.

It happened right after I got new shoes, even though I got the same brand I have had since my last flare up. It wasn’t painful, much, just it would swell a little when I was in my shoes for a long period of time. Which, you know, I was.

Anyway, after the marathon it was bad. Like really bad. My entire foot, not just the top, was swollen for 2-3 days.

It is just now getting back to it’s normal ‘just the top’ swollen state. Looks fab. Anyhow, I haven’t put my shoes back on, have just been sticking to flats and hoping all goes back to normal soon. Like completely normal.

So, on the exercise front I think I am going to stick to yoga only [shoeless, yay!] for the next week or so and see how the foot does.

If it’s not better by then [three weeks post marathon] I shall most likely see my doctor and get some of those anti inflammatory pills. They are like magic, they are.

Plus, I think I am going to get new shoes. Again. Sigh…

Ever had tendonitis? Ever ignored it? Oh is that just me?

I KNOW! I should have not ignored it. I KNOW!

So anyway, that is my confession for the day. What’s yours?


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Tight Pants

Last night I took my Nyquil a little earlier than usual, so I apologize for the lack of a post.

I’ve just been a little busy biting my fingernails in anticipation of the big day.

And eating.


Raisin Bran. I don’t care what you say Janetha! Raisin Bran is heavenly.

I had it yesterday and today, in fact.

In fact I had the same lunch today and yesterday as well.

DSC_0004 DSC_0017


Soup and crackers.


I could live off soup and crackers.

Also, this is dangerous.


Oh my.



Chocolate covered pretzels.

Oh dear.

And lookie here!

Snowballs and chocolate mounds!

This is dangerous…


Very dangerous.

Or at least it was until I took care of it.

Because I have a marathon to run tomorrow. And I’d much rather eat a tin of cookies than think about that.

Why are my pants suddenly feeling so tight?

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This stuff works miracles.

I have taken it approximately 47 times today. I don’t think you are supposed to exceed 8 though. I should be extra speedily cured then!

Don’t worry, I haven’t tossed Nyquil aside. I am reserving that for nighttime usage only though.

For morning usage, I am reserving oats.


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 1 banana
  • brown sugar
  • peanut butter

With medicine like that, I don’t want a cure! [Did that come out sounding right? Oh well, who cares. Blame it on the cold medicine high.] I think the Rite Aid lady suspects me of brewing meth, in fact. She looked at me funnily when checking me out yesterday. Perhaps my license has been used to purchase too many drugs this year?

I digress…



Or as some call it, baked potato and grapes.

Not just any baked potato though.



Cheese + Spinach Baked Potato.

Baked potato heaven.

For a snack I hit up the Vitamin C stash, yet again.



After chowing down on the navel and blowing my nose 348 times, which was 267 times less than yesterday, thanks to ZICAM! I tottered on home. Really, I should not work in these conditions, but I caught it from my coworker, and since we are the only two in the office…well I am never one to look like the weak one. If she can work, so can I!

At home I found this lovely package courtesy of Miss Lindsey, who I have never met, but love like a sister anyway. [Lindsey that can be good or bad, you be the judge of that. I did just threaten one of my sisters with a pot a mere 35 minutes ago. I didn’t follow through on the threat though. That should be noted.]


  • CUTEST card ever!
  • CUTEST tea sampler ever!
  • MOST DELICIOUS [looking] chocolate ever!
  • MOST DELICIOUS cookies ever! [I had 1 2 3!]
  • MOST INGENIOUS cashews ever! [and tasty!]

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend!

And now for a confession. I did not expect you to be so on top of things. I have yet to mail your package off, but I will get right on it. I promise. But I am 100% certain that you do not want me to send you a package full of germs, so you maybe should be thankful I have not sent it yet.

Soon I sat down to dinner. [After the cookies settled!]


Tater soup + salad!

I am tatered out! But it was good while it lasted.

Now I am peacing out. The Nyquil bottle is calling my name. Or maybe that’s just the kitchen exploding from the meth I left on the stove.*


*I kid, I kid! I do not make meth, nor support the usage of such a product. I do, however, support the use of cold medicine.

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Speedy Gonzales

Just took my evening dose of Nyquil to cure me up in time for the big day, so I’ll make this quick.


Breakfast in a Coke glass. I’ve got class, indeed.


Soup’s the cure-all, so I’ve heard.


I had mine with a side of beans, it can’t hurt.

Vitamin C, that’s what I need.


One hit wonder? Not this orange. I had two.


Veggies, bread and bacon? Yes, yes and yes.

Paper plate? Once again, that’s just class.

10 minute blog post? Well, that’s a new record.

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The germ monsters have been trying to get me down all weekend!

A motley crew they are. I’m not having it! Don’t they know I have a marathon to run Saturday?!?!

As luck would have it, they attacked Friday, and I tried valiantly to fend them off. Saturday was rainy and cold, so I let them have their way as I did not really want to brave the elements anyway. I just stayed inside where it was warm.

Oh and I went to Wal-Mart.

Somewhere along the way, I ate a lot of cereal. Or at least took pictures of a lot of cereal. 😉


Tropical Oatmeal


Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Raisin Bran

Also a lot of soup.

Mama D. made some

It was yum.

And then she made some pot pie with the leftovers.


More yum.

At some point we decorated for the holidays.

DSC_0028 DSC_0027 DSC_0030


Charlie Brown tree, one stocking and fake snow.

Don’t believe we’re quite done yet.

Breakfast today was a duplicate of Example III in Cereal. Raisin Bran. I see no reason to repeat the picture.

Lunch was cheap and quick.


And I am not ashamed.

I had quite possibly the stuffiest head and sorest eyeballs I’ve ever had. Dunkin Donuts and Chik-Fil-A was needed.

After work I knew a run was what I needed. I did a brisk sprint workout under the lights of the neighborhood park. It was cold and my nose was running, all the more reason to make it quick.

Came home to more soup.


Bean + pasta + veggie soup.

And some salad + fruit.




I want 10 more bowls of it, if I can have slice of that bread with every one. That might be the best thing I have inhaled extra of with out photographic proof in a long time.

Must go, the Nyquil bottle is calling my name.

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Hey there, chickens! [new term of endearment for me. I call Cecily a chicken.]


In return she calls me Chicken Leg and Chicken Poo. Feel welcome to do the same. Chicken was learning how to draw with depth today. She did a pretty bangin’ job on a barn. I love that kid.

Also love green monsters.


Had one of those on the way out the door this morning. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even notice some had dripped down the side there + I left my camera cord at home.

In the pink bottle:

  • spinach
  • almond milk
  • pb
  • vanilla whey protein powder
  • ice
  • frozen naner

That’s a winner every time! LOVE IT.

At lunch time I was going to post about that green monster, but I realized I left my camera cord at home, so I ate some steamed veggies instead.



Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli.

I think I died and went to veggie heaven. This was SO GOOD. No kidding.

Later a snack was had. [At like 2 pm. Those veggies did not hold me over very well. But the green monster did. What what, smoothie power!]


STRAWB. adore.

But peach still holds first place in my heart.

Once all my work was done [on food and otherwise] I went home. When I got there I was not feeling very motivated. I was in fact feeling very SAD. Sunny summer days, come back to me! You motivate me so.

I think I am part bear. I just want to hibernate in the winter.

Ate some pizza.


+ salad. I had two slices of the pizza though. I wouldn’t want to deceive anyone. 😉



It was ERIKA’S! birthday, so I went over to help with the celebrations.


Such a gorgey cousin I have there. Her + Scott = cutest couple ever.

She is 19! [tomorrow] *


I loved this cake. In more ways than one.

And this whole table?


Well I was like a horse and it was my pasture. Grazed all night.

FUN was had!


PS: I suck at Rock Band + I am getting my hair done Saturday. No more roots! That stuff is looking wack!

PPS: Have you heard this song yet? SO GOOD. I am obsessed.

G’night chickens!

*ETA: This posted at 12 AM so it was officially Erika’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you, girlie.

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Lunch Hazards

Let me preface this post by saying that if you got to see Michael Bublé playing Regis today, I am jealous.

JOBS! [I need one that allows me to watch talk shows all morning instead of working.]

Speaking of jobs. Before I left for mine today, I had a bowl of cereal.


Why, Kashi Honey Sunshine with Almond Milk, aren’t you a cutie!

It was after I got to work that I discovered Bublé was hosting Regis and Kelly today. Tres sad. Julie so kindly commented me to let me know it was on, but alas I had already heard the news on the radio. I love how she thought of me when she saw Bublé though! [Does that make me a stalker/creepy in my obsession? Possibly.]

Anyway, moving on…


Lunch: Turkey + Spinach wrap.


SO GOOD, except the tortilla got stuck on the roof of my mouth and I had to make a mad dash to the water fountain. Poor little UPS man witnessed the entire incident too.

I apologized for my unclassiness, but he was too busy laughing to notice.

Ok, well I’m off to listen to my two men sing.

Chris Young + Michael Bublé.

Yes, that is a playlist of mine.

I’m such an enigma, no? Fascinating, my musical tastes are.

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