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a little pre race shopping

Hey all! Thanks so much for your lovely comments and support! It helps A LOT. I just always get SO NERVOUS before a race, especially a long one! I freak myself out just a baby bit, so it really does help to hear you guys are cheering for me.

I did get to leave work early today, which was wondrous! I have just been a little worker bee all week, and I was done with everything early, so I closed up shop and left at about 3:45.

Before I left I had a frushi roll.



Trader Joe’s flattened naner + PB.


I went straight from work to pick up my race packet! My favorite part of the race! 😀
Look, I have everything ready and waiting for tomorrow morning:


I always like to wear my race t-shirt to the race as a cover up, even if I don’t run in it. It helps me get in the spirit of things. This one just so happens to match my shoes!

The race pick up just so happened to be near two of my favorite places on earth, Starbucks and Ulta.



RED CUP! Non fat latte w/ 2 pumps peppermint! ‘Tis the season!



New makeup! 2 Bare Minerals kits + bronzer, nail polish and shadow.

With my pocketbook sufficiently dented, I went home. It was the right thing to do. 😉

Really though, my makeup stash was sorely depleted. It needed replenishing + my favorite eye shadow kit up and wandered off the other day. I have turned the bathroom upside down searching for it to no avail. Instead of replacing it directly I opted for this one:


It comes with shadows + blush, which is why I picked it. Plus my old one might turn up yet! I must admit that I was torn between the Bare Minerals kit and this one:

Peacock print!


Peacock print!


That is the conversation I had in my head while poring over it. I of course came home and found a 20% coupon in my mailbox, so I may own that sucker yet. 😉

Makeup talk aside, [because I could go on about that for ages] I made the most fantastic pasta dish for dinner.


  • WW spaghetti noodles
  • broccoli
  • cheese + milk



I excitedly ate every bite. So worth it.

I’m going to turn in, I promised myself I’d be in bed by 10:30 and the clock just rolled over to 10:31.

Answer me this though:

What is the one makeup product you CANNOT do without?

I adore eye shadow. I love the colors and playing with different combos. Plus the packages are always so lovely!

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