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So back to birthday recaps.

While I am at it I must also apologize for my lack of posting and commenting. I believe I shall make up for it with today’s posts. I think I will end up with three total which is a record for me. As for the lack of commenting, well my google reader was just beyond me. I read everything, but I could in no way comment on everything. Please accept my most sincere apologies. And check out these pancakes I ate for breakfast.


Carrot Cake Pancakes!

Katie, this is my official entry into the Pancake Challenge!


I based the main pancake recipe off of Kath’s yogurt pancake recipe.

I added:

  • 1 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • brown sugar instead of regular sugar I also used a bit more sugar

For the topping I mixed:

  • Vanilla greek yogurt
  • TJ’s light organic whipped cream cheese
  • powdered sugar

These tasted just like carrot cake! Unfreakingbelievable!

After that amazing start to the day (really does it get better than pancakes?) Mama D gifted me with this basket:


Guys, I want you to know that Mama D and lil’ sis Sabrina made all those soaps and bath salts. It was perfect, along with the $$$ she gave me to go toward my new Garmin. Ohhhh yes.

Then Linden, Matt and I headed to the lake. 

We did make a pit stop.


I had some birthday fries.

Then lake time:



Ok, those pictures are not even from my birthday. We are so lame about taking pictures while on the lake it is pitiful.

Matt was there though:


This is not from my birthday either. It’s actually from last year on the 4th. I adore it though. So manly and such.

We did get some chopsticks out of the boy:


Apparently Matt and Jake are accomplished pianists. I couldn’t tell.

And, yes that picture is actually from my birthday. Unlike the previous three.

Then what we’d all been waiting for:



Chocolate Zucchini Cake?


Topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. What a way to get your veggies. The cake + the pancakes may have been all the veggies I consumed all day. Hey it’s not every day a girl turns 23.

So the rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We hung out and I ate some more cake.

Then Julie arrived, and we had a bit more cake.

Plus I consumed some a sandwich, some pickles and some watermelon.

Then we went to see the The Proposal. What better way to end your b-day than with a little shirtless Ryan Reynolds?

Yes I realize that is the second time he has shown up on my blog in the last month.

A girl can never have too much Ryan Reynolds in her life.

Or chicken dumplings.


Grandma made them especially for my birthday at Sunday lunch.

Most delicious. Especially with cantaloupe, grapes, bread, okra, peas, corn and salad.

Yum, but I was very stuffed. I let it settle for 3 hours a bit and then went on about an hour bike ride. Exactly what the doctor ordered after a foodie filled weekend with little to no exercise. I don’t know what happened to that 7 mile run I had planned for Saturday morning.


Nope. No idea.


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