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Hi guys! I hope every one is having a fabulous Thanksgiving! While I’m gone I have arranged a few lovely ladies to do some guest posting. Today the lovely Beth from Kitchen Courage is sharing her squash pie recipe! I love reading Beth’s blog, because not only does she share great recipes; she always has a fun story to share as well.

Take it away Beth!


P1090073 by betherann

Hello, fabulous fans of the fittest Whit in town!  Happy turkey day to the Americans, and happy holiday season to the rest!  Before I get on with this guest post, let me just gush for a moment about Whit.  As a fellow blogging (check me out at www.kitchencourage.com), running, yoga-ing sold-out-on-God gal, I find so much encouragement in her posts here, as well as excellent meal ideas (my current favorite from the Getting Fit kitchen: microwaved fruit topped with yogurt and cereal — yum!).

Okay, enough of the rabid blogger fan-girl.  Let’s save that for Twilight, shall we?

When Whit suggested sharing one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you, I knew immediately what ingredient would be the star: pumpkin!  I am a pumpkin (and squash) addict.  I simply cannot get enough.  I put pureed pumpkin into just about everything : chili, salad, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter — and the list goes on!  And that does not even touch on the non-pureed forms of squash, like the ubiquitous butternut squash fries, roasted maple-drizzled acorn squash, or spaghetti squash smothered with salsa and avocado.  Have I mentioned that I like squash?

When you add squash to the Thanksgiving holiday, the result is, naturally, pumpkin pie.  Tasty and amazingly spiced and creamy and — I’m gushing again, aren’t I?  Still, of all the pies in the world, pumpkin pie is not only delicious, but it also happens to be the healthiest.  The pumpkin variety of this dessert tends to clock in with more nutrition (fiber!) and less desired dessert fallout (sugar!  trans fats!) then its apple or pecan brethren.  If you want to indulge without going too crazy, pumpkin pie is the way to go.

Of course, pumpkin pie is good all year round.  What to do then?  I’ll share my solution to that conundrum — my recipe for Harvest Spiced Squash Pie.  I first created this for the Royal Foodie Joust in autumn of 2008 (read my unveiling post here: http://www.kitchencourage.com/2008/10/apple-er-acorn-of-my-eye-squash-pie.html).  This is a crust-less of pumpkin pie that not only makes a fantastic addition to your Thanksgiving Day table, but also doubles as an any-time nutritious treat.  I’ll confess, though — the leftovers of this pie constituted more than one lunch or dinner!  The fact that my husband doesn’t like pumpkin at all was good news, because that simply meant more pie for me!

In the recipe below I used a combination of acorn squash and canned pumpkin puree, but feel free to substitute in your favorite mashed squash.  Also, I garnished this particular pie with orange maple syrup, which added a surprising flavor twist.  As with all of my recipes, I encourage you to play with this and make it your own.  For more nutritious recipes, pumpkin-themed or otherwise, stop by Kitchen Courage (www.kitchencourage.com).  Thanks for reading! 

For the pie:
1.5 cup skim milk
1/2 cup egg replacers (or 2 eggs, beaten)
1/2 cup acorn squash, mashed
1.5 cup pureed pumpkin
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 T cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp allspice
1/8 tsp sage
1/2 tsp salt

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray a 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray (I use a spray with a canola oil base).
To harvest the acorn squash, slice it in half. Scoop out the seeds with a large spoon. (I saved the seeds and roasted them while the pie baked — simply sprinkle them with cinnamon and sage and leave them in the oven for about 15 minutes or until browned and crispy-dry. I let mine go for too long and burned them, but I like them that way!) Fill a slightly concave plate with water and place one half of the acron squash face down in it. Microwave until the skin is tender (at least 5 minutes, often closer to 10 depending on the squash’s size). Let the squash sit until cool enough to handle, then scoop out the flesh (or, alternatively, peel the skin away if tender enough). Mash the flesh slightly. One half of a small acorn squash provides enough for this recipe, but feel free to experiment with different ratios of acorn squash to pumpkin puree (for which I used canned pumpkin).

Making pie by betherann

In a blender, combine the milk, eggs, cornstarch, and vanilla. Add the acorn squash and pumpkin and continue to blend. A lovely froth will foam over the surface of the mixture. Add the rest of the spices and puree for at least two minutes. Scrape down the blender’s sides with a spatula every so often. When fully integrated, pour the mixture into the pie pan.

Harvest spiced squash pie by betherann
Bake 50-60 minutes, or until browned at the edges and cooked through the center. The pie will not be completely solid, but should hold its form when sliced. The pie will rise substantially while baking, so you may want to either use a deep dish pie pan or place the regular sized pie pan on top of a baking sheet.
Allow the pie to cool before slicing and serving. Sprinkle with your choice of toppings, or try my orange maple syrup with a sprinkling of roasted acorn squash seeds and a dollop of rich Greek yogurt. This pie tastes great fresh or chilled!

For the syrup:
1 T orange juice concentrate
1/4 cup maple syrup (I used sugar-free)
1 generous shake of cinnamon
(Use as much or little cinnamon as you prefer. My "generous shake" came from a Costco-sized jar of the spice, so it probably amounted to at least 1 teaspoon, if not more. Trust your palate on this one!)

Combine the concentrate, maple syrup, and cinnamon in a small bowl. Stir until blended. If you like your syrup warm, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Harvest spiced squash pie by betherann

Happy Thanksgiving, and may the squash be with you!
Beth of Kitchen Courage  🙂


Thanks so much Beth! This looks fabulous and I can’t wait to try it!

PS: Beth mentioned Twilight above? I finally saw New Moon last night! OMG…so good! 😀


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I am feeling a bit pouty today, because the sun has yet to come out this week. I am one of those people who thrives on sunny days. Not so much the cloudy and gloomy ones. I guess you could say that my mood changes with the weather a bit. 😉


I cheered myself up with a bowl of pumpkin oats. Hey if it’s not happening naturally, ya gotta make it happen, right?


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • pumpkin butter
  • brown sugar

I discovered some chicken salad in the fridge for my lunch. Quick + easy!

Chicken salad Salad.




Paper towel placemat!


Honest Scrap


Katy over at These Beautiful Feet awarded me with The Honest Scrap award, and I am flattered to be chosen! Thanks Katy!

A rule of this award is to reveal 10 honest things about yourself.

Here goes nothin’ folks.

1. I don’t post every single meal on my blog [like last night when I went to dinner with my family and just wanted to relax and hang out; not worry about photographing everything.] but you may have figured that out by now.

2. I have a huge desire to take a mission trip someday. I hope it’s soon.

3. I am that girl with the chipped nail polish. Like right now. Like always, even if I painted my nails 2 seconds ago.

4. Losing control of things scares me. I like to know what’s happening, and why at all times. I am not a good delegator.

5. I genuinely worry WAY too much. About way too much.

6. Every day I look to God to point me in the direction that he wants me to go. I know that whatever plan He has for me, that it is great, because that’s just how He is.

7. I love to travel, but I have yet to leave the country. I really want to plan a trip overseas next summer.

8. I was homeschooled. I bet I can out spell you! 😉

9. I am a huge book nerd. I buy new boxed sets of every series I love and hang onto them for my ‘future children’. God forbid that they don’t enjoy reading!

10. Relationships scare me. Mama D. once referred to me as having ‘commitment issues’. I think she’s right.


It looks like the Nashville trip may be happening after all guys! At the very least Linden and I are going to make the best of it.

Here’s the question: Would anyone like to write a guest post for the weekend? I realize this is EXTREMELY last minute, and I will probably get no responses, but what can I say? I live life on the edge, I guess. 😉

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Pumpkin Oatmeal in all it’s glory.

  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup water
  • maple syrup
  • granola


And there you have it.

Heaven in a bowl.

Speaking of that bowl, isn’t it lovely? I think so. So do the people at Muddy Muse, who made it. You can check out their Etsy shop here.


Lunch Quesadilla!

  • black beans
  • broccoli
  • mozzarella cheese
  • tortillas


So good.

I haven’t had a quesadilla in a long, long while, and this hit the spot. Love.

As I really have nothing more to say of note, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pieces from the Muddy Muse shop…

Nautical Vase

Small nautical vase by the muddymuse

Fall Leaf Soap Dish

7 inch designer ceramic leaf  dish by the muddymuse

6.5 inch designer ceramic leaf  dish by the muddymuse

Dragonfly Saucer

5 inch dragonfly saucer by the muddymuse

Soup Bowl + Saucer

20 ounce soup bowl with saucer SALE PRICED

And a giveaway!

In honor of, well nothing actually, [I just want to give someone a cute bowl] I am giving one lucky winner any of these five pieces listed from the Muddy Muse shop, or any item you choose up to $25.00.

The rules:

1. Leave a comment stating which piece you’d like to have for your own in the comment section below.

2. For an extra entry, tweet or link back to this contest on your blog.

Contest ends Friday the 13th for an extra freaky spin on the whole thing.


I am in no way associated with Muddy Muse, except for the fact that I bought a bowl from them at a street fair. The Muddy Muse folks have never heard of Whit’s Getting Fit, and probably could care less about me.

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Daily Plate

This oatmeal rocked my face off!


  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 oatmeal
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 T pumpkin butter
  • cinnamon
  • 1 T white chocolate wonderful PB

Love it!

Of course when I got to work, I discovered that my boss had brought in a package of those scones I love so much. In mini form!


I wanted to eat one right away, but I promised myself I could have it for lunch ‘dessert’.

Speaking of lunch, the main focus of that lovely meal was this gorgeous Swiss Chard that Mama D. grew!




I just love Swiss Chard, it’s so beautiful and colorful. When I spied it lying on the counter last night I immediately laid claim to it for lunch today.

I was glad I did.


I made a Swiss Chard, Cheetah and Tofu salad!


The bottom layer is the cheetahs, topped with the Swiss Chard [Swiss Chard is one of those words I feel should be capitalized. No swiss chard here, it’s Swiss Chard!], tofu and ketchup!


On the side I had some grapes that fell out of the refrigerator on me this morning. Who am I to tempt fate? It was meant to be.




You may remember that I posted a few weeks back about shedding those ‘vanity pounds’ that have managed to creep back on. Since then I have noticed several other bloggers in the same wagon, including Alison. Alison has been using to The Daily Plate to track her calories, so I clicked over to see what all the fuss was about.

The Daily Plate - Calorie Counter, Diet Tracker, Fitness Log, Food Diary, and More!

Honestly, this is one of the best weight loss tools I have ever found on the web! I love it. I started tracking my calories in a book after I wrote my post, because I’ve tried several other calorie counting websites and hated them. Not so with The Daily Plate! It was love at first sight!

If you are trying to shed a little weight and want a convenient place to track your calories I really recommend this website.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some calories to track. 😉

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Feelin’ Froggy

What would you say if I showed you [yet another] bowl of pumpkin oats?

Probably could’ve guessed that one, no? 😉

  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1 spoonful pumpkin butter
  • 1 spoonful pear butter!

I was happy as a clam. 😀

I also woke up earlier today, so I had time to pack a lunch! Also brought in some apples for my co-workers. Gotta spread the apple love. Now if they’ll just make a pie out of them and share it with me…

Anyway, I packed broccoli:


It’s the frozen stuff, but I find that in colder months, it’s a lot easier to get your veggies from the freezer vs. a salad. Am I right?

With my broccoli I had an egg + hot sauce sandwich.



Does this remind you a bit of a frog?



How about now?


Plans for tonight include: CharlotteOne and a quick workout. Perhaps the elliptical and a 20 minute yoga flow?

What’s your favorite workout when you’re pressed for time?

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Let’s be honest

Aren’t pumpkin oats the best combination ever?


Especially with LOTS of cinnamon and a blob of almond butter?


Yep, pretty much.

Let’s be honest, isn’t Libby’s the best pumpkin ever?

And isn’t mexican-style rice the best rice ever?


mmmm, spicy!

[Speaking of Spice, who wants to be Baby to my Sporty for Halloween?]


  • black beans
  • pepper
  • tomato
  • rice

Cooked in a pan for five minutes, and voilá! Mexi-Rice!


Let’s be honest, this was a really good lunch. And while we are being honest, I would make a pathetic Sporty Spice. Since my hair is blonde and all. Maybe I should be Baby and you can be Sporty. Or else I’ll just take the suggestion of my twitter friends and be Sue Sylvester. That’s gonna call for a hair cut, me thinks. ;) 

Speaking of honesty, that brings me to:

The point of this whole post.

Let’s be honest here. I’m marathon training. Somewhere in my mind, I’ve tricked myself into thinking that means I can eat whatever, whenever I want. And since I’ve been practicing a vegetarian diet until last Friday, that unfortunately = a lot of carbs. Which in turn = an unfortunate little weight gain. Guys, I expected this. I told myself that it was ok, I was training for a marathon, yada yada yada. But, no. It’s not ok. Because I am not happy with myself. Sure, I haven’t gained all my weight back. But I have gained around 10 lbs. And I’m not ok with that. So from now on, I will be making an effort to shed those pesky little pounds. And yes, I know I am marathon training. I will fuel properly for my long runs, don’t worry. I’ll just be nixing those extra bowls of ice cream. And adding more protein/less carbs to my diet. 

I’m doing this for me. Because I know my body. And while my body likes carbs [a lot!] it needs more protein and green veggies. That’s how I lost weight in the first place, by focusing on vegetables and less ice cream.

But don’t worry, I’m still going to have plenty of oatmeal for breakfast. 😉 Because oatmeal makes me happy.

And let’s be honest here, what’s the point of life if you aren’t happy?

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Label me label free

I am so glad it’s finally Friday; this week has wiped me out!

Thank God for pumpkin pancakes.


And what looks like a whole lotta maple syrup.


I cannot even begin to describe the deliciousness of this breakfast.

Nor can I describe my excitement over having last night’s leftovers for lunch today.

Or until I actually opened my lunch bag, that is.

Upon opening said lunch bag, I discovered that much to my dismay, I had packed cold noodles and the tupperware container with the 1/2 can of chickpeas I had not used in my sauce last night.

Not cold noodles and the tupperware container actually housing the sauce.

Epic fail.

But the my good boss pulled through and had brought me another scone since I so enjoyed the one he shared with me yesterday.


So I paired that with cold noodles, chickpeas and some rando salad dressing I found in the fridge.


Not a veg in sight.


In other news, I am thinking I shall have a salad or veg soup for dinner.

As the sun has yet to show it’s cheery face today, I’ll probably go with the soup option.


I’ve been doing some thinking lately. [Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do have a brain, and I do use it to think.] Lately I’ve been using said brain to think about vegetarianism.

I never really “officially” announced my switch to vegetarianism on here, and I think it’s because I was never completely on board with the switch. I’m not comfortable labeling my eating style, and honestly I don’t love the idea of limiting my diet. I addressed that very issue in this post, in fact.

This summer though, I switched to vegetarianism because I honestly ate very little to no red meat or chicken. In fact the thought of eating either of those items is very unappealing to me. I had been eating a pescatarian based diet for a while and that worked for me, so the switch to vegetarianism just seemed natural.

Why fix something that’s not broken, you ask?

That’s what I’m asking myself.

I still don’t feel comfortable eating red meat or chicken, but I really don’t have a problem with eating fish.

In fact, I think that a pescatarian diet works well for me, and I’m happy with it.

And I really miss sushi.

The point I am getting to here is, that while for the most part I am going to stick with a vegetarian diet; I’m not going to beat myself up for enjoying a good California roll or an incredible crab dip.

What works for me is eating what makes me happy, and not limiting my choices.

I’m probably not going to be caught eating a steak any time soon, but a fish taco? Now that’s a possibility.

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