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Well, I didn’t end up having a dance party by myself all afternoon. I did give in to Meredith’s request and went and hung out at the dirt bike track.


Fun pictures!




I think I am the unofficial track photographer.

After the sun went down I headed over to Super Target [!!!] to pick up some items for my shoebox + I stopped at Starbucks. I was so hungry I could have chewed my arm off. Not that I would want to do that.


Non fat latte w/ 1 pump gingerbread syrup + the most fabulous thing on earth, aka the Cranberry Bliss bar. Get it.

Wanna see my shoebox?




Every year our family stuffs shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse, a great charity that takes holiday gifts to kids in need. I get so excited to do mine each Thanksgiving. This year I did a box for a 2-4 year old girl. I think every little girl needs a baby doll on Christmas, don’t you?

This year they added a cool feature where you get a bar code to put on your box, and you can track where it goes! I can’t wait to see where mine ends up. I hope it makes some little girl very happy.

I also ate more food, but I was really hungry [again!] and didn’t take any pictures. Think Kashi cracks, brie and craisins. Among other things.

That’s what 20 miles will do to ya! I swear I am a bottomless pit today!

Does your family have any fun holiday traditions?


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