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So when I last left you I had consumed a bowl of oatmeal.


Very tasty it was.

It also kept me full for many hours while I froze a plethora of bananas,


caught up on my google reader, shredded with Jillian, found my inner yogini and my bicycle. I ended up doing Level 1 of the shred, 20 minutes of Power Yoga and a 30 minute bike ride.

I then broke into some TJ’s ww pita pockets for a deliciously snackish meal.


Pita contains:

  • hummus
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • craisins

With some rainier cherries and blackberries, ‘twas the perfect meal.

After which I really wanted this:


but alas, my bananas were not yet frozen, so I settled.


Blue bunny with coconut and pecans.


Ice cream + SATC. Now that makes a perfect girls night.

Unfortunately I fell asleep 2 episodes into season 3, and was awoken by Linden at around 1am, which explains why this post did not happen last night.

Psalm 47

Sing songs to God, sing out! Sing to our King, sing praise! He’s Lord over earth, so sing your best songs to God.

I love this verse; not sure whether it has anything to do with my less than melodious voice, but I like it. 

Have a fabulous Monday!


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