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Ok, so my list grew.

And frankly I am done with numbering and checking it off. I would rather skip right to the eating.



TJ’s edamame crackers and 1/2 nectarine.

Which were had about 3:30.

Home around 6, and I snacked on a few apricots and more edamame.

I kind of like edamame products.

I also slam forgot about Linden’s b-day dinner. Birthdays call for lots of pictures around our household.


Meredith, Linden, Whit.


Whit, Meredith, Linden, Sabrina and Cecily. How did I end up the (potentially) shortest, despite being the oldest?

Cecily provided some pre dinner entertainment.


For your viewing pleasure:

Classic stuff, I tell you.

Some people ate chicken. I went with Mr. Hugh Jass myself.


  • spinach
  • lentils
  • corn chile salsa
  • spicy yogurt sauce
  • blue chips.


Plus I snacked on some cherries.


I ate loads, so I could perform my best talent.


Tying cherry stems with my tongue.


Klassy. That I am.

Meredith was so envious.


She just does not have the talent.

After all that fruit and greens, I was definitely feeling the fiber baby.


What can I say?


Nothing. I just ate some cake. x2


There goes the no sweets week. Threw that one out the window.



Hope you enjoyed this klassy cake eating, fiber baby, guitar playing, cherry stem tying celebration. I did.

Oh, and…God put a rainbow in the sky. For MEEEEEEEEEEEE. (If you don’t get that scroll back up and watch the video. It’s worth it.)


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Retail Therapy

Oh wedding dress shopping! We had such FUN! Such a girlie thing, and since Linden is the first of us sisters to get married…well thankfully the saleslady had some Kleenex on hand to take care of Mom!

After trying on approximately 147 dresses, we were HANGRY, so we headed to Jason’s Deli.

I have a love affair with their salad bar, so I made this Hugh Jass creation:


It contained lots of everything on the salad bar. I cannot even begin to name them. Just know it was good.

It would be a sin to go to Jason’s and not get some pasta salad, so I had some of that on the side.


with some graham crackers for dessert:


the rest of the wedding dress crew had ice cream:


Erika had better not be looking for a job at DQ:


I doubt the quality of her cone would have met their standards.

Linden did a better job…


oh wait she’s already eaten hers!

Did I mention she looked like a complete doll in all the dresses, making it impossible to choose one? I see many more shopping trips in our future…and Jason’s…and ice cream.

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Yay, no rain!

Oh yeaaahh. Looks like the rain has gone in time for Brad Paisley. I can put my boots on and go partay! (That’s how we do it down here, ya’ll.)


I tested out them ol’ oats again:



I dumped all this on top:



He was kind of embarrassed after I stirred him up and I barely caught this pic:



Don’t worry, I had no problems with his looks. He was YUM-TASTIC!

For Lunch-o I busted out those black beans again:



This time I added a chicken breast with some BBQ sauce and stirred all that in a pan.



Plopped it in a whole wheat wrap and dumped on a pile of lettuce with a dollop of 0% Fage and that ever delicious stuff from the gods: Texas Pete. Awesomeness!



I stir fried these suckers in some olive oil and had them on the side:



That lil’ plate o paper never knew what hit it. Gone in a flash!

Snackie snacktime

My boss was walking around with a bag of these:



So I grabbed a few to go along with this:



Way to satisy both those monsters, chocolate and (garlic?). Well it was good anyhoo.

Alright, I’m off to see the greatness that is Brad Paisley and party with the bestest. I better run cause me sista will keel me if  I make her late.

PS: No I did not exercise today. Everyone gets a break now and then!

PPS: In the spirit section, I am still reading Psalms. I have been getting some wonderful messages there. You should join in, it’s not too late!

See ya healthier!

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I have four sisters. They are all gorgeous. I have always felt like the older, plainer one of all of us. Then this week my sister posted pictures of us on facebook. One with  me and two other of my sisters got this comment (from a girl we grew up with): “You guys are beautiful. I was always so jealous.” It made me feel so good, because I felt like I was equal with the other two. Like I was equally as gorgeous. But then it made me sad.

(1) Do I really measure my worth by beauty? Is that really what is important? Is it not more important to measure my worth in Christian love and good deeds? Should I not be focused on these things and not so much looks? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t think you should go around like a slob with nary a care to fashion and looks. No way. I am a girl after all. And I do love my Cosmo mag and Go Fug Yourself. Yes I do.

(2) The girl that wrote the comment was someone I have never been close to and in fact have ignored most of her life. I guess I have always felt “better” than her. Why? I want to apologize to her for anything I ever did to hurt her. I just imagine her looking at me and thinking: I want to be her. And I turned my back to her. It hurts. It really hurts.

In a world that puts such emphasis on looks, we constantly strive to validate ourselves to everyone. We constantly diet and spend hours in the gym. We drink weird teas, take supplements and God knows what else, because they make you “Lose 10 lbs instantly!” and “Clear skin and grow hair and nails!”

Should we not devote equal time to good deeds, Bible study and prayer?

I have never expressed religion via my blog before. It always seems such a touchy subject, but today it just seems appropriate.

It may have some thing to do with the wonderful church I have been attending lately, and the great messages I have been getting from the pastor and his lovely wife. I always feel invincible when I leave on Sunday mornings!

So, my goal this week (yes, I am still sticking to Jillian Michaels because believe me it is working! 5 lbs down!) is to try to spend equal time with myself (gym, fashion, mani-pedi, tanning) and equal time with God (prayer, Bible study, fellowship with others) and see how I am rewarded. Knowing our God it will be great!

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