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Snow Day!

I found myself up to my ankles in snow this afternoon!

Where was I?

Not here, that’s for sure!

We saw nothing but rain all night last night despite our high hopes of a large snow fall. Just like always, our snow dreams were dashed.

But luckily Stacey and I had made plans to drive up to Winston-Salem and spend the afternoon with Megan.

They got 6-8 inches up there, just an hour and a half north!


We immediately set to work making a SNOWMAN!

And Megan’s mom set to work photographing the process! Thanks Megan’s mom! 😀

I quickly found out that neither Megan nor Stacey had ever made a snowman. I was quickly promoted to being ‘snowman instructor’.


Luckily they caught on quickly and before we knew it we had a HUGE snowman!


Presenting PHIL!



I could eat his face, he is so cute!

After snowman making it was time for snowball making!


And of course snowball fighting!

Snowball fighting of course leads to snow angel making!


And snow angel making to hot cocoa drinking!


[and cookie eating! Megan made the BEST cookies with SNICKERS! inside]

We warmed up in front of the fire, and chatted about life…and boys…and running.

It was so fun to catch up with Megan, who I haven’t seen since the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this August; hang out with Stacey [always fun!], and show off my superior snowman making skills [thanks Dad!]

Thanks for having us Megan! 😀


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