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Recently I was able to interview Holley Grainger of MyRecipes.com about vacations and eating right on said vacations! As we all know it’s that time of year, and we all have a trip planned somewhere in our future, right?

Well check out Holley’s tips on staying fit while on vacation!


What are some great easy to make vacation foods? ie., simple quick recipes you could whip up after a long day at the beach?

My family just went to the beach and on the first day of the trip, my cousin whipped up a huge container of chicken salad. When we came in from the beach, we could either eat it with fresh tomatoes, on a salad, or as a sandwich. It was super easy and better than a basic turkey sandwich. Fresh fruit salads can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge. Top with some vanilla yogurt for a refreshing snack.

Here are a few recipes that I especially enjoy because they are fast, fresh, and/or refreshing:

Watermelon Cooler


Mini Caprese Bites


Shrimp Bruschetta


Mango-Ginger-Strawberry Smoothie


Do you have any special tricks that you personally use while on vacation?
I try to drink lots of water. It keeps me feeling full and hydrated (flying always makes me so dehydrated). I also try to work out or at least walk whenever possible. I don’t let a workout get in the way of doing something fun, especially on vacation, but even a quick trip to the hotel gym first thing in the morning makes me not as tempted to overeat throughout the day.

I usually pack a cooler and take my own food on vacation. What do you recommend putting in that cooler? Cereals, fruit, veggies?
It depends on where you are going and what is available when you get there. Packing high-fiber cereal, fruit, and oatmeal assures that you’ll have something healthy to munch on in the morning.

Say I am going further than a few hours away and it is simply not feasible to pack my own food. What do you recommend in that situation?
If you are staying at a place where food storage is possible, check out the local markets and enjoy the native fare. Or at least make a run to the grocery store and stock up on healthy fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk. If you are cooking your own food, don’t deprive yourself of yummy “vacation” food but make healthy choices, keep portion control in check, and stick with the freshest foods available (avoid processed when you can).

If you are staying in a hotel and are required eat out, again, try to make wise choices by ordering lean meat, fish and of course, veggies. Watch your alcohol intake and pass on the bread and butter plate.

Do you have any favorite exercise DVDs or that you take on vacation, or any exercise routines you like to do on vacation?
My favorite thing about exercising on vacation is being able to enjoy the scenery in a new city. Rent a bike, go for a swim, or get out and walk. Take advantage of being in a new place.


Thanks for the tips Holley, and as always check out MyRecipes.com for some great healthy recipes for everyday use!

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I certainly hope everyone had as great a 4th as I did!

Did you eat a lot?

I certainly did.

A lot of BBB action.


+ some regular hamburger and hot dog action. My plate only saw BBB action.



well maybe some jalapeno popper action.


and a little pickle action.


What’s your dill, pickle?

Oh, that reminds me. Some corn action.



A LOT of watermelon action.



Corn, watermelon and fish action.


never mind that squash, onion and rice action.


Yes that is half a cake. I am including it, because I may or may not have had a LARGE helping hand in making that one side disappear.


I finished my Ben & J fro-yo.

But not the dreams.


Yes, that is dreams on blueberry pancakes. I had to refuel from my 7 mile run.


I like my pink shoes.

+ my pink toenails.


I also like my sandals…

and my other sandals.


Tubing action.

We are the champions, my friends.


And we’ll keep on fighting, til the end.


No time for losers,




Cause we are the champions-of the world.


Yes we dominated the tubing action.

My little partner and I.


No, not that one (but she is a cutie, huh?)

This one.


A five gallon bucket of water balloons was spotted


and quickly dispensed.

Of course I was busy emptying the arsenal and didn’t get any pics of the actual fight. Which I did not start. No not I.

There was not too much wakeboard action,


but I thought I’d include a picture anyway.

Sparkler dancing.




let’s get rid of that sucker…


Late night boating…


(with my standard lake wear and my standard boat buddies.)

to catch some firework action.

Lame picture.


another lame picture.


decent picture.


I know, I was surprised at that one too.


Psalm 52:9 (The Message)

I thank you always that you went into action. And I’ll stay right here, your good name my hope, in company with your faithful friends.

O’ course God always has some good action going on. What’s some good action God has been doing in your life recently?

Also, now that we are nearing the end of the longest post in history, how was your 4th? Lots, of food, fireworks and fun?

Do tell.

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Hi guys!

So, I had a great weekend, what about ya’ll?

Anyone do anything fun/random/different?


I didn’t take any food pics over the weekend, so you’ll just have to take my word for how I was eating.

I did have the cooler packed, and that helped lots! I totally recommend taking your own food on trips. It cuts down on expenses and saves you from buying those impulse ‘vacation foods’ on store runs.

On to the weekend.

We arrived down late friday night and just chilled at the casa.

as was Jordy G!

Jordy G was excited to be there!

Yours truly & Amby T.

Yours truly & Amby T.

Saturday started with lots of this:


I also forgot my 50 spf, so I borrowed some other sunscreen and ended up looking like this:


Check out my nice sunburn! YIKES!

We fixed up and went where else but mini golf:


I love mini golf.


I captured some action shots:



Tiger Woods better look out!

After our rousing golf adventure we were kinda tired, so we headed back to hit the sack.

Sunday we woke up early, went to church and I went for a 5 mile run. Ugh, it was hot and sweaty! After some PB Puffins, Meri, Rika and I headed back out for a few more hours on da beach (despite my ugly spotty sunburn) and then HOME!

Now I am sufficiently tired after 4 hours of driving and think I will be taking a nap.

Genesis 2:3 (NIV)

And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

And so shall I. Rest that is.

See ya healthier!

*edited ’cause everyone didn’t think they was as pretty as I did. 😉

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