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It was another John Mayer night [ok, I think like one song, but still] at hot yoga tonight! Long, Slow, Deep was on the schedule and long, slow and deep it was. What I love about this class is how long you stay in each pose, so you can keep pushing yourself deeper and deeper. At the beginning and end of class Tanner had us do the same pose [crossed legs, stretching forward] and it was amazing how much further I could go by the end of class!

But in other news, I had a breakfast cookie this morning!


I have not had one in FOREV!

So good, so good, soooo good.

  • banana
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • scoop protein powder
  • cocoa powder
  • spoonful pb

Gina, you are a genius!

So work was, how do you say it? SLOW. Due to the weather [I know 1 inch of snow, right?] no one is working all week but ME and my other little office pal. It’s so chill and relaxed. Chillaxed, if you will.

I have all the time in the world to lounge over lunch whilst watching ‘What Not To Wear’. I should be a fashionista fo’ sho’ as much as I watch that show.

Lunch, of course, was SOUP, because it was in the FRIDGE, so I reheated it.


Look closely, because those green bits are the only vegetables you will see on this here post.



Oh look! A piece of sausage too!

This was quickly followed up by two cookies delivered by a Windstream salesman, either trying to win my affections or our business. Judging by those cookies, he can have both. [Ha, I kid. I think our phone services are under contract.] Anyway, the cookies were spectacular, yet refused to be photographed. Fuzzy they were.

I continued to plod about my business until my boss finally caught on that I was killing time and let me go home early. 30 minutes, but that makes all the difference in the world, since that is my drive home.

I made a quick pre-yoga snack consisting of what I believe Katie calls a ‘banana hammock’.


What do you say Katie? A banana hammock?

Met Haleigh for yoga, and caught up with her life since she is back from Sweden! It was lovely to see her, as always. I swear we could chat for hours, us two.

Hurried home, chatting with Stacey, then Holly on the phone [thank God I don’t live in California] all the way and fed the beast immediately upon arriving.

Peanut butter, continued.


On a paper plate, none the less. Klassy, I am.

Look what came home today!


Laptop is back from the hospital! Ate and blogged, I did.


Do you plan your meals, or do you fly by the seat of your pants, as I so obviously do?

I can see the bonuses to both, but I would like to be more schedule and meal plan a little better, if just to help with grocery shopping. Tips?

PS: Your comments on my relationship post are amazing! Love, love! Keep ’em coming!


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Was in a hurry this morning.


Enter cereal. And not the healthy kind either. S’mores.


I have a weakness for teeny tiny marshmallows and chocolate. Plus the cupboards are bare.

Speaking of bare cupboards.


Scraping the barrel. Doing work on the Arnold’s Thins this week.

Also the orange stash is quickly depleting.


After work I planned to go to yoga, and wanted a little something to hold me over until I got out.

Enter Orville, my new bf.



Fluffy kernels.

YOGA was long slow deep again…told you I am addicted. This is seriously one class I am going to continue to try to take even after my month membership is up. It is so awesomely streeetcchhhy, and I feel like after focusing on running for so many months that my body just needs to streeeetch now.

I devoured one orange and a handful of raisins afterward to keep up my strength. 😉

And now I look back and realize: I have gone a whole day with out eating a single vegetable. How sad. 😦 I might go find a carrot or something to crunch.

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Hey loves!

Another sweaty yoga class tonight. It was a new teacher…Jodi. I think I spoiled myself by starting off with Tanner’s classes, because they are super challenging. Jodi was a good teacher, but she did not push us like Tanner does. It was up to me to push myself. Another strreetcchhhhy pigeon night! I love how flexible I am getting in that pose! It’s my new favorite.

Breakfast this morning!



  • apple
  • orange
  • carrot

Mama D. juiced this in the Vitamix. ‘Twas delicious, and added with my morning cuppa tea, made a very liquid breakfast.

Lucky for me lunch was not so liquid.


Pintos, sweet taters, english muffin.

So glad I toasted this muffin to eat with my pintos.



Made for good dipping.

My sweet potatoes were equally as good.


Could have orange every day and not complain. Cinnamony.

Speaking of orange…


Continued that theme right on into my snack. Which was hastily eaten in the midst of putting out fires…[do you use that expression too, or is that local to my region of the country?] In case you do not use that expression, it just means I had 47,000 urgent things I had to do at once.

After work and before yoga, I decided I had enough time to call Dell regarding my broken laptop. [Which is no longer under warranty, sadly.] After 5 transfers, I realized this was going to be no quick deal.

Finally resolved [and a few dollars poorer] my laptop should be repaired soon. No more of this being tied to a desktop mess.

I set out to meet Kasey in the torrential rains that were coming out of the skies. [Seriously, what’s up with this weather? 70 and sunny yesterday, and 35 and raining today. My wardrobe does not know what to do.]

Due to my dalliance with the Dell technician it was realized that we would not make the 7pm class, so we settled for dinner and the 8:30 show.

Dinner was at this restaurant right by the yoga studio, Blu Basil, that we have been dying to try.

It was so good that we devoured the hummus appetizer in minutes, and I brought my leftover Napa Salad home.


[Preview of tomorrows lunch. It was prettier before I dug in it.]

Perfect pre-yoga dinner. I used my gift of foresight to predict that we will dine there many more times in the future.

Pigeoned, Warriored and split for an hour and then headed home.

Random question:

Do you shower at night, in the morning or both?

I prefer to shower at night and if my hair is too crazy in the morning, wash and deal with it then. I realize this may not be optimal, but it is for me. Means I get a few extra zzz’s in the morning. Of course on the rare occasion [usually summer months] that I go for a run before work I switch it up and shower in the morning.

Speaking of…I need to go shower the yoga sweat. See you tomorrow!

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who needs a new alarm clock?

Me, apparently.

Just got back from another long slow deep yoga practice. It was aaaamazing. So far my favorite class. I like how calming it is, and how you challenge yourself constantly to go deeper into the poses. I was pleasantly surprised at how much deeper I could go into pigeon, for example. It was divine.

So all stretched out…where was I?

Oh, this morning.

Woke up LATE. [emphasis on late, in case you did not catch that.]


I think the first words out of my mouth were ‘oh crap!’ and then nothing else, because I was hurriedly cramming my toothbrush in there.

It was definitely a cereal kind of morning.


Frosted Flakes + Almond milk in my lap.


I did pack lunch, but it was nothing much. A dollop of soup and black eyed peas. I was e-mailing with Kasey and suddenly the idea of going out to lunch was appealing. She agreed.

So Mexican it was. I had a veggie + bean burrito, rice, and more chips and salsa.

Was stuffed, and rightly so.

Know how I always complain about apples not being a large enough snack?


Was today. I had an orange to accompany, just in case, but it was not needed.

Then it was YOGA!!!! Tanner had the BEST music playing tonight…lots of John Mayer to get us into our splits.

This photo was taken pre-sleeve tat, apparently. Who appreciates that sleeve tat besides me? Drool.

Came home and peanut butter was all that was to be found for dinner.


And a grapefruit, obviously.


So I made do. More than made do, actually. PB sammies are what life is all about. And grapefruit. That too.

Wake up late? What do you do?

Me: toothbrush, first outfit I find and a ponytail. I was looking classy today, ladies. [and gents, if you read.]

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Confession #1:
My oatmeal this morning was less than stellar.


Too pumpkiny if there is such a thing. On the other hand my blueberry tea was stellar. Gulped it.

Confession #2:
I did not want salad for lunch.


Had salad for lunch. And you know what? I liked it! Filled with fruits and nuts, not what I was expecting. Don’t know why, as I packed it myself this morning.

Confession #3:
What Not To Wear’ was not on TLC at lunch time today, and as it is my usual lunch time guilt trip, I instead indulged in a little ‘Real World: Washington DC’ via my computer.

Confession #4:
Despite the addition of peanut butter, I discovered that still an apple a snack does not make.


Hunger pains.

Confession #5:
Waited until I got home to assuage the hunger pains via a naner + pb.


Now that a snack does make.

Confession #6:
Balancing was not my forté in yoga class tonight. Which was unfortunate, since I was supposed to be doing toe holds, warrior III and dancer. But the neck massage at the end made it all worthwhile! The company [Emily + Kasey] was not too bad either. 😉

Confession #7:
My mom makes the best soup ever. Well, not really a confession, more like a declaration. It’s true.


Lentil + Veggie Stew. ‘Twas a lot like Brunswick Stew minus the chickens.

Confession #8:
An unpictured orange + a sliver of chocolaty goodness [brownie] was consumed after the soup. Adding onto this confession, I guess I should add that some of the brownie family was also consumed yesterday at lunch as well. And it was delicious. I am not certain any of it was vegan, but in my mind it was.

Confession #9:
I’d really like to win this giveaway from Katie. A Vita-Mix would fit right in at my new digs.

Any confessions you want to share?

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like a pretzel

Hey there. YOGA tonight was TWISTY…like a pretzel. Kasey and I went to an ASHTANGA class. I think it was a little over my head, especially since I spent most of the class on my head. Or trying to get on my head. I’m not quite a headstander yet. Shoulder stand is about as crazy as I get. Also, the class was full of BINDS and I am not very good at BINDING yet. Short arms’ll get ya every time! I did manage to rock a few [very few] binds, so I am getting there.

Breakfast this morning was had at the office.


Microwave oats + microwave tea.

My oats were very BANANA filled.



I loved the saying on my cup.


Do what you like, like what you do.

My new life motto. WATCH OUT WORLD, HERE I COME!

Lunch looked like yesterdays.


Leftover spaghetti, except today I topped it with onions.


Look at all the SAUCE! ‘Twas good.

Before going to yoga I had a snack…long before yoga, actually. Like 3 hours prior.


Wins the award for MOST FILLING SNACK EVER! Kept me full through yoga [all 90 minutes of twisty pretzel!] + a visit with my cousin [future neighbor!] and the drive home from Kasey’s house. It will be so nice when we are roomies, cause we will not have to MEET to carpool to yoga, and our new apartment is much CLOSER to yoga.

When I finally got home I made dinner out of an apple + PB.


Dug the PB out with a knife when the apple was gone. Don’t judge, I never said I was classy. Plus, it was like 11 pm and I am/was [the apple/pb eating may or may not still be happening] TIRED + FAMISHED.

A question for you guys: [I am full of those lately, no?]

When you get home late [say 11 pm] do you try to make a decent dinner, or just grab snacks? 

Hopefully this does not happen to you often, I know it doesn’t me, but I am just wondering? I don’t want to be judged upon my horrid dinner choice. 😉

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Hey lovelies…I feel so streeeeeetchy…like a rubber band. Yoga class was good to me today. [long, slow, deep…] I think I will be hitting this class up every week. We held every pose foreeeevvvvveeeerr and it was fabulisio.

Back to the beginning though.



Banana oats w/ pb spoon [!!!!] and a cuppa tea. BLUEBERRY! [more !!!!!]

Tea is becoming my coffee…and I like it. I also like how I am eating less sugar/more veggies, don’t feel drowsy in the afternoons and in general just feel better all around. LIKE MYSELF! [don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but I was getting some winter blues before January hit!]

This vegan challenge is just what I needed…and the marathon weight? Is coming off. Naturally.

With delicious meals like this:


Vegan sauce, whole wheat noodles and zucchini ‘meat’. Loves.

Healthy snacks:


Tubs of peanut butter and fruits, duh.

No really.

I could eat tubs of peanut butter. But I don’t. I use them for dipping my fruit slices in. It’s handy. And I am the only one that eats out of that tub of peanut butter, so it’s ok to double dip. Not that I would. I do have manners, ya’ll.

Before yoga, I grabbed half a banana, so I would not have stomach grumbles during class [it’s ok, it was like an hour prior] but I didn’t take a picture. Did the trick though! Long stretches and no tummy grumbles.

Plus at yoga I got to see Kath + Emily! Always fun! I think we are on for next Thursday as well, so double fun!!!

Dinner, post yoga:


Delicious + JUICY grapefruit.


I love that it’s grapefruit season. Easily my favorite citrus.


TATERS [purple!] + BEANS!

Also lovely. I adore both purple potatoes and long sauteed green beans. They make the world go ‘round, indeed.

Post yoga + bath me:


I’m just going to let this mineral mask do it’s thing…

While I’m waiting can you answer me these few questions?

Do you like grapefruit?

Sometimes it seems I am the only person that eats them. I read a lot of blogs…not just food ones, and no one ever hardly talks about grapefruit.

Do you use mineral masks?

If so, which ones? I really like this one I am using [Noah’s Naturals] but I am always on the look out for new beauty products.

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