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Cake + Weights

First things first. The video of Michael Bublé on Regis and Kelly can be found HERE. Oh, is that kid ever funny. I had tears in my eyes from laughter. It’s all in the personality, folks.

Secondly, I devoured another peach Chobani at snack time today.


Delicious, but I think that was the last peach.

After work I had a gym sesh. Nothing major. Weights + running. I love lifting weights, but I find that I let it go in the summer. It’s always such a treat come winter. As soon as this marathon is behind me I will have to find me a strength training program. Gotta get these arms tightened up! They are feeling so sorely neglected with all this running I’ve been doing.

I had a bangin’ dinner prepared by Linden. She is a kitchen pro.


Mustard cauliflower.


BBQ Chick a lickin’.


Tater tots.

And then I found a cake in the freezer so I had a slice.


It was too sweet. Now I feel kind of sick. No bueno.



Do you prefer weights or cardio? Does it vary with the seasons?

I find I prefer to focus more on cardio during the spring and summer when I can be outside, and leave the weights for winter. I’m always down for a good strength sesh though.


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Hey, hey muffins!

Unfortunately I did not have muffins this morning. 😦

But I did have CHOBANI!


Anne P., the Chobani has arrived!


I topped mine with granola and called it breakfast. Sadly, I had to make do with Strawberry, because those Chobani peeps did not see fit to send me pineapple. Much sadness. 😦

I don’t allude to this much on the blog, but I am quite a forgetful person. Mama D. says I would forget my head, were it not attached to my neck. I planned to eat my tuna salad for lunch today, on a bed of romaine lettuce. So lovely, right?

I packed lettuce + a banana + PB.

No tuna salad.

I quickly rebounded though, when I realized this meant I could order lunch! Like a kid in a candy store I pored over the menu for Ajimi, a local sushi place.

I settled on seaweed salad + spicy tuna roll.


Got my tuna!


Epic. I haven’t had sushi in months. Way too long, if you ask me.


What I took from Vegan-4-A-Day:

I really enjoyed eating Vegan 4 A Day yesterday! It was fun to challenge myself and see how a vegan diet can work for my lifestyle. It gave me a new appreciation for all who follow a vegan diet, but it also made me realize that veganism is not for me. I am not one who really likes restrictions on my diet, although I did dabble in vegetarianism for a while this summer. Yesterday solidified the fact in my mind, that flexitarian diet is the one for me! I enjoy the freedom of choosing yogurt for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and hey, maybe tuna salad for dinner?

I do believe though, that a vegan diet is a very acceptable diet, and if done properly you can be very healthy on a vegan diet. Most vegans I know of practice veganism for health issues or because of animal rights issues. I think it is awesome to be so committed to a cause that you would give up meat, dairy and the like.

Me? I love my dogs and horses, but I do enjoy my sushi and tuna salad as well!



I don’t talk about it quite to the extent Caitlin does, but yes, I am a Twihard. 😉 I read all the books, as soon as I could get my hands on them, and I waited anxiously for the first movie to come out. I think I saw it three times in the theater.

I am not, however going to see New Moon tonight, or probably even this weekend at all.


Because I really cannot stand the crowds + screaming teenagers. I know, I am a crochety old lady.

I’m fine with that.

What about you?

Are you going to see New Moon tonight [as in bought your ticket a month ago]?Could you care less about vampires and don’t get what all the hype is about?

Do tell.

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Hearts a-singin’

Hey, hey party people!

Look who came out to play!



Yes, I do wear my Halloween accessories in every day life.

The lace socks had to stay home, sadly.

They were broken hearted.

But breakfast was fabulous anyway.


  • Microwaved apple
  • greek yog
  • granola

If that’s not something to wake up for I don’t know what is!

I was lazy though, so lunch was easy.


Panera bread you get me every time!

Bossy sandwich + apple + salad.


Oniony salad. I like my onions cooked, thank you very much.

News that makes my heart sing:

Chocolate covered ladies hosting giveaways!

Winning giveaways!

Being on the LaraBar blog!


What’s making your heart sing this Monday?

Besides me wearing Chuck Taylors to work, that is.

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But in a flipped over kind of way.

  • microwaved apple – bottom
  • honey oikos – middle
  • granola – top




I ♥ cold tofu.

And cold tofu ♥’s me.

Or at least I think so.


Microwaved peas again? Why yes, thank you!


Finish the yams? Yes I will!

Rainbow of color!


I think I’ll repeat that. 😉

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Breakfast success!


Combine in a bowl:

  • plain or vanilla greek yogurt [I like vanilla, and Oikos!]
  • Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • Apple, chopped, cinnamoned and microwaved

Mouth party!


Open invitation. [twss]

Lunch = Operation Veggie.


Two things:

  • Yams
  • Broccoli

Both were had in ginormous portions. Love.


In all my Halloween celebrations I realized I had been remiss in sharing pictures of the little sisters!

I ignored the most basic rule of blogging, which is: Kids or dogs are usually cuter than you.


DSC_0072 DSC_0073

Native American riding a pink horse! Wonder what influenced that decision?


DSC_0076  12565_1052394007872_1766453730_109327_4479708_n

Cute cowgirl + Nerd.

Both were perfect in their own way!


Fun news:

Holly ran her first half marathon yesterday and rocked it! Way to go, girl!

I registered for the Fitbloggin’ conference over the weekend. Who else is going?

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Lucky Charm


That’s how I started my day!

I haven’t had Lucky Charms in forev, but really the stats aren’t too bad:


Maybe a little high in the sugar content, but that’s the price you pay to have marshmallows in your cereal. 😉

After my cereal bowl, I got dressed my supes cute fairy outfit and went to church. ‘Twas fabulous.

You can read about it here, in fact.

Soon enough all the fun stuff was over, and it was time for lunch.


Mama D. made it.


Made me happy. 😀

  • green beans
  • yams
  • chicken
  • roll
  • rice


It included dessert:


mmmm. Cake with coffee ice cream. Me like. Me like ALOT.

It was rainy and gray here today, so I was feeling uninspired to say the least. After lots of procrastination on my part, I ate a ‘caramel apple’.


Easy peasy.

More procrastination which included reading all your lovely blogs. ADORE all the halloween costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays after all!

My dinner consisted of this:


Homemade pumpkin pie yogurt!

  • vanilla yogurt
  • pumpkin
  • cinnamon


All in all, this has not been the healthiest day of eats, but I’ll take it! Just a lazy Sunday, and that’s what I like best.

Of course the lack of vegetables is scary indeed. I find it SO MUCH easier to eat vegetables in the summer when they are all fresh and pretty. It’s SO not fun to eat them frozen or out of a can in the winter.

I hereby am making that a November challenge. EAT MORE VEGGIES!

Feel free to join me if you want. I need all the help I can get. Maybe you’ll be my lucky charm. 😉

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yo yo yoguuuurrrt

I have seriously been missing yogurt in my life.


Last night I realized this travesty, and stocked up on my favorite flavors, honey and vanilla.

I couldn’t wait to break into my carton of honey for a snack this afternoon.


Along with a spoonful of pb. PB and honey yogurt? Yes, please.

After work I scurried home with intentions of working out, but then I felt lazy, so I read People mag instead. Plus I did not want to get all sweaty and have to shower before I went to meet Jeannie for fro yo.

What can I say? Lazy.

And yes, I did say fro yo.


Fuzzy picture of yog, strawbs, pineapple and coconutty!

Yeah, I had yogurt twice in a row. No shame. No shame.

No actual dinner either.

‘Twas lovely. 😀

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