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fleeing the nest

Hey guys!

How was the weekend? Filled with excitement, snuggies and great vegan food, like mine?

Or just excitement, minus the snuggies and vegan eats?

Whatever the case, if you are snuggie-less, I shall not hold it against you.

Saturday I did not take many pictures, so we will get to that later. It falls under the excitement part of my weekend.

Yesterday I had a huge and delicious bowl of oats.


  • raisins
  • oats
  • cinnamon
  • pb

It was almost like Cinnamon Raisin PB oatmeal! But it wasn’t.

After church I found myself in the parking lot of Lowes while mi padre purchased light bulbs. I used this time to wisely get on twitter and follow the progress of Caitlin, Megan, Meghann, Kelly and Monica as they ran the Disney marathon. Several of them were just finishing up, so CONGRATS on a great race girls!

Later I had a delicious luncheon of lentils.


With a hunk of homemade bread. Don’t be fooled. I had previously had several more chunks of the bread. Somehow they escaped my lens.

Also I had a plate of goodies.


When you are eating vegan [and less sugar] you consider fruit and spinach to be dessert.

Annnnnd…after lunch KASEY and I went and put in the application for an APARTMENT of our own! YAY!

This girl and I are going to be roomies! So excited.

So ladies and gents, that is what I spent Saturday doing. Checking out apartments and eating Chipotle.

Anyway, we move in Feb 28th, and we will be neighbors with my cousin and close to HALEIGH which I am super excited for.

In other news, I will probably no longer be able to afford clothes nor fancy dinners.

Speaking of dinner, what a great segue!


Mi madre, [how I will miss her dinners…but I need to leave the nest.] made this potato soup! With RICE MILK! It is fantastic. I do not know what all went in it, but I did chop+grind some celery in my mini food processor from JANETHA that I love very much.

On the side we had dessert.


ha. I think I had an orange for dessert, actually. But I munched on carrots in the meantime.

And then I cuddled in my Snuggie, because what else do you do on a Sunday evening, might I ask?

Oh, never mind. Don’t answer that.


*edited because I am a doofus. This was supposed to be a link an article about Michael Bublé’s engagement. [but I am lucky to be rooming with Kasey!] haha


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big wheels keep on turning

Footloose…get loose…everybody getting footloose.

I just watched Footloose and am wrapped in my Snuggie. You are warned.

Leftover rotis w/pb and raisins makes the BEST breakfast!

Warmed in the microwave for a few and YUM!

On the way to work I was detained by a turned over chicken truck. YUCK. You know you live in the outskirts of the city when…

Anyway I made it ok, and I was famished by lunch.


So I had a WHOLE CAN of beans [although some may call it something else] and a sweet potato. You may start noticing a trend to my meals. It is called leftovers for lunch.



Not very filling or tasty, but free.

I’m not one to turn down free food.

After work I got new tires on my car!

She needed it. She also needs a bath. Probably not gonna happen with highs in the upper 20s all weekend.


Look how happy she is. Isn’t she happy looking?

Lesson learned: Call around for tires…of course you probably already knew that, but seriously I got prices ranging from $490!!! to $360. I think it would be obvious which one I chose.

Another trend with my meals you may notice is dinner is more fabulous than all other meals put together. That would be because I am mooching off of the parentals. 😉


On good thing about this, minus the styrofoam plate is that I was able to brush up on my multiplication tables while dining.


How handy!

Speaking of dining, these green beans were to die for!


As were these veggies and taters.


Purple taters! I love.



I know. I am rather fruity. Or not. What am I saying?

Finished up with a cup of Raspberry Zinger!


Not to mention the Snuggie and Footloose.

Oh Friday nights…

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So I hope I did not scare anyone with my interpretation of the real Slim Shady. 😀

Last night I had plans of going to yoga, but then everyone bailed, and I didn’t really want to be coming home at 10pm by myself so I bailed too. I am sure I missed out, but I slept instead.

In more exciting news, my parents watched Food, Inc and have a new respect for the food industry! In the spirit of that, the new year and just for kicks, we are doing a 21 day vegan based diet. [not diet, but that is how you say eating habits and that is our new eating habit experiment.] I tried the whole vegetarian thing once before, I know, I know. But then I focused entirely too much  on carbs and not enough on vegetables. Anyway, this is just for three weeks to see how it goes!

I started the morning with stove top oatmeal. Not usually a luxury I get to enjoy, as I am normally pushed for time and make microwave oatmeal which is not as delicious.


  • oatmeal
  • apples
  • raisins
  • almond butter

Oatmeal is always better with a nut butter…this was no exception. It was exceptional.

For lunch I did not skimp on the veggies. No sir, I did not!


  • broccoli
  • peas
  • corn

Carbs for breakfast, veggies for lunch! I am already doing much better than my previous experience. 😉

For my snack I had this apple:


As well as my almonds I did not finish the day before, and some craisins that I happened upon.

Apples are not enough for a snack…not for this girl!

I helped Mama D make the most fantastic dinner. By help, I mean I assisted in the rolling out of Tandoori Rotis and opened a can of black beans.


So basically I did nothing to help prepare this deliciousness.


Like this salad. Did not lift a finger toward it, but it was delicious nonetheless.

  • spinach
  • apples
  • pears
  • almonds
  • raisins

Seriously, so good. The apples and pears against the blander almonds and spinach made this mouthwatering. Completely.

I think I did help roll out my roti.


Given it’s misshapen appearance I have gathered that. It was still good. I love soft chewy breads.


Sweet potato! Natures candy…

This was the best meal I have had in a long time…probably because it was prepared with love, no?

And it was vegan. Vegan Thursday, what!?!?

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[Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Rather PETA friendly, no? 😉 ]


I almost forgot about Katy + Michelle’s Vegan-4-A-Day challenge this morning. I was just about to fry up an egg when it popped in my brain.

So pumpkin oatmeal shall have to suffice.


It did.

  • 1/2 cup pumpkin [Libby’s!!!]
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 banana
  • water
  • pumpkin spice
  • agave syrup

Licked the bowl in fact.

Lonchi was a little harder.

I reeeeaaaallllly [yes that bad] wanted my leftover tuna salad. But I packed black beans instead. I didn’t really want them cold, so I made a makeshift black bean burger on the spur of the moment.


Messy bowl of Heaven.

  • salsa
  • black beans
  • romaine
  • ketchup [it was vegan!]

After scarfing that down I boot scoot n’ boogied over to the barber shop. Ok, not really the barber shop. It’s a legit hair salon where I get my locks trimmed. I ♥ my hairdresser. Seriously, if you are in the area and need a hair stylist, convo me. [Convo me?!?! Regretsy much?] She has been doing my hair for 2+ years now. That’s longer than my longest romantic relationship. She informed me that I had not gotten my hair cut since August 11th! I did a little researching of my own, and guess what? She was right! I guess that’s why I’ve been sporting Medusa-like locks for the past month and a half.

It’s looking much better now!

DSC_0093 DSC_0099-1

I’ll have to do something about that camera in my face later. Also we may need to do something about the lighting in our bathroom at work. Fugly, it is.

Handy dandy fact. There is a Starbucks within spittin’ distance of my hair salon. I picked up a peppermint mocha for my coworker and a soy misto for meself. I’m nice like that.


New love.

And I noshed on a pear.



After work I ran to the gym and ran on the treadmill. 6.2 sweaty miles later, I was done! True fact: My feet have been hurting me pretty badly since my long run Saturday, but I didn’t want to complain about it on here. I figured with me being sick that was enough complaining from the peanut gallery. Anyway, I was a bit worried about it, perhaps overly so. Good thing for me, my run today was lovely. It felt like a little massage on my feet the whole time. LOVE.

I was struck with a dilemma for dinner.

What was quick + vegan? And then I saw the shiny lights of Chipotle!

[Insert generic picture of Chipotle sign here]


Vegetarian Burrito Bowl, you shall be mine!

  • rice
  • black beans [twice today!]
  • corn salsa
  • regular salsa
  • guacamole
  • lettuce


History. I tucked that away in about 5 seconds.

So there you have it ladies + gents! My vegan eats for the day, plus the added bonus of my new haircut.

And that’s a wrap!

[Disclaimer: I am not, nor do I plan to become a vegan in the near future. This was just for fun!]

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